Sunday, May 29, 2011

Job Hunting Tips

Landing a job is very tough especially for those with little experience or most especially to the fresh graduates. That is why is very important to know the important steps to go through in order to get the job that you are applying for.
1. Do Your Research
It is very important that before going for an interview, be sure that you have research the company that you are applying to. You have to understand the company profile so that you will have the idea of what the company is all about. It that point, you can deliver an impressive answer to the interviewer.
2. Practice Interviewing
It is said that practice makes perfect. That is why take your time to practice for an interview. You can ask a family member or a friend to act as an interviewer and ask the most common interview questions so you can have the idea and polished your answers and can think on what to say ahead of time instead of winging it.
3. Come Prepared With Questions
It usually happened that at the end of any job interview, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions for them. Be sure you have prepared a few questions to ask the interviewer. This can be anything related to the job. By doing this, it will show interest in the interviewer and the company.
4. Dress Up
When you are in doubt on what to wear especially for the women, it is more impressive to wear formal dress. It will show that you are professional and that you are taking the interview process seriously.
5. Be Flexible
If you are applying for a job, don’t limit yourself to just one company or place. Be open minded about other potential opportunities.
6. Keep Building Your Resume
Remember applying for a job is a competition. Therefore you must have something to write in your resume that is more likely to impress the interviewer like the skills, the talents, the seminars, or part time job you undertaken. By doing this you can market yourself better.

7. Figure Out Where You Are Going Wrong
If you haven’t receive a call for an interview, try to go over your resume, there might be something missing or wrong on what you have written. Have it proffread as many times or have it checked to a grammarian. If you are getting an interview but not getting the job, there must be problems on how you answer during the interview, in that case you have to practice your interviewing skills so that you can be more successful in your next interview and finally get the job.
8. Utilize Your Network
Oftentimes when it comes to getting hired, it’s not on what you know but of whom you know. Reach out to the people you know for some assistance in getting the job. They might give you a hint of the vacant position in the company which fits your qualifications.
8. Don't Rely Solely on the Internet
Applying a job through the internet is not a guarantee that you will get a faster employment. If you want to get hired faster, be sure to attend job fairs sponsored by the government, schools and malls. It gives you a bigger chances of getting hired faster.
9. Send Thank You Notes
After in every interview, don’t forget to send a thank you notes to the person who interviewed you. A thank you note shows that you appreciate the interviewer’s time and gives you an advantage over the others who don’t send.
10. Don't Get Discouraged
If you are rejected of the jobs that you are applying for, don’t get discouraged. Always remember that getting a job is hard and you have many competitors. Just keep on sending your resume and stay positive.
11. Utilize Your School's Resources
Most schools have a career program to facilitate the graduating students in getting a job after graduation. Be sure to participate in that activity so that you can be guided on what to do in applying a job. Check out also the recent job postings found at the job window of your Guidance Center.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Are You A Computer Addict?

Scientific studies show that computer addiction affects the brain in pretty much the same as drug addiction changes the brain chemistry by stimulating the reward circuit of the brain. As human beings we are likely to repeat doing the things we find rewarding. The pleasure one experiences from this activity triggers the release of a brain chemical known as dopamine, which makes the person to want more. This brings a cycle of pleasure and elation to repeat the behavior, which in turn leads to the increasing desire to relish reward.  Soon the person craves to go up to a higher level of excitement with perverted thinking and uncontrolled behavior. I can say that it is true because my kids are doing this. They can’t be stop once they are facing the computer.
It is said that computer addiction is a serious matter. We should not take it for granted. Many have lost a loved one or their work because of computer addiction. But how do you know that you have too much of computer or the internet? There are questions below and if you answer at least seven Yes to it, then you can be considered as having a pathological Internet addiction.
1.                  Do I lose interest in the other activities I used to engage in?
2.                  Would I rather miss my regular meals than miss the internet?
3.                  Am I craving for more time online and feel restless when not engaged?
4.                  Do I feel irritable and aggressive when interrupted or when the connection is low?
5.                  Do I stay in the computer longer than I intended?
6.                  Am I neglecting family and friends and or responsibilities in order to be online?
7.                  Is my internet use interfering with my job or school responsibilities?
8.                  Do I use the internet as an outlet when lonely, upset or sad?
9.                  Do I lie about the amount of time on the internet and what I am browsing?
10.             Am I sleeping late because of internet browsing or playing games?

So how can we control computer and internet addiction? Below are some of the suggestions that we can apply.
1.                  Parents should be role models for their children.
2.                  Put computer in a common place in the house like the living room so that parents can easily monitor on what the children’s are doing in the computer.
3.                  Have family meals at the table in regular times.
4.                  Get involved in some sports.
5.                  Go to bed on time.
6.                  Develop a strong network of friends which will provide mental and emotional support.
7.                  Plan  family activities.
8.                  Limit computer use. List the things you need and want to open in the web. Set a time for each site and stick to the time allotted.
9.                  Be aware of the signs of computer addiction listed above.
10.              If you are too addicted, seek for professional help.
11.              Above all ask God’s help to help yourself detach from the excitement of computer use.

Computer and internet can help the person in some aspects but it can ruin lives and relationships if not handled responsibly.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Is May 21, 2011 Judgment Day?

Today is May 21, 2011, it is rumored to be the JUDGMENT DAY”. Who is the man behind this prediction? He was Harold Camping a Californian evangelical broadcaster and the head of Christian Radio Network Family Stations, Inc. and he predicted that Judgment Day will come on Saturday. Horrible isn’t it? His pronouncement makes the people worried of what’s going to happened today. His previous prediction which becomes failed was that Jesus Christ would return to Earth in 1994. But despite of that failure he still continues to predict and he is sure about this May 21 Judgment. His prediction is based on his reading of the Bible and a timeline that dates back to ancient events such as the Biblical flood survived by Noah. Camping said that an earthquake will shake the Earth and that true believers will be swept to heaven, while others will remain behind for the world’s destruction in the coming months. His organization and allies caught the attention of so many people around the world because of the big billboards they have posted around the corners.
What about you, do you believe in his prophecy? For me, I only believe what God has planned for us and nobody knows when His coming back to Earth, all we need to do is to return back to Him and have Faith to Him and Believe in Him.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

What Is a Mother?

It takes a Mother's Love
to make a house a home,
A place to be remembered,
no matter where we roam.

It takes a Mother's Patience,
to bring a child up right,
And her Courage and her Cheerfulness
to make a dark day bright.

It takes a Mother's Thoughtfulness
to mend the heart's deep "hurts,"
And her Skill and her Endurance
to mend little socks and shirts.

It takes a Mother's Kindness
to forgive us when we err,
To sympathize in trouble
and bow her head in prayer.

It takes a Mother's Wisdom
to recognize our needs
And to give us reassurance
by her loving words and deeds.

It takes a Mother's Endless Faith,
her Confidence and Trust
To guide us through the pitfalls
of selfishness and lust.

And that is why in all this world
there could not be another
Who could fulfill God's purpose
as completely as a MOTHER!

I Love You

Helen Steiner Rice

Friday, May 6, 2011

How To Stay Calm During a Job Interview

During a job interview whether you're a first timer or have been doing several interviews in the past jobs it is still stressful. From the sweaty palms to the rambling stories to the nervous laughter, it takes a great amount of self-discipline to harness your energy when trying to impress an employer. And since you don’t do it regularly it's easy to find yourself out of practice when you're hunting for a new job. There are certain preparations to do before you come for an interview. You have to researched the company profile and background, picked out a winning outfit, and is planning to arrive 15 minutes early. Good preparation! But how will you stay calm during the interview?
Keep the following tips in mind during your next job interview, and your skills, experiences, and personality will do the talking:

1. Know you'll be OK no matter what. As badly as you want the job, you'll have other opportunities. There are few "once-in-a-lifetime opportunities." Don't put undue stress on yourself by believing that one mistake will change the course of your life. This is the first of many job interviews you'll go on in your lifetime. Adding unrealistic weight to the interview situation only adds pressure. Don’t be discourage even if you never got the job, life will go on.

2. Remember we're all human. Don't forget that the interviewee once sat on the other side of the desk to get the job they currently have. You're both breathing the same air and are more alike than you might realize. Don't assign superhero status to the interviewer. Speak to them the way you would talk to one of your friend's parents; be respectful, polite, concise, and natural. Accept that they're in control and all you can do is represent yourself as honestly as possible.

3. Be personable. The interview is not just about your accomplishments and the skills you bring to the table to help an organization meet their goals. It's also an exercise to assess your personality and determine whether you're a match for the company's culture. Nothing is easier than being yourself

3. Convey confidence. Give yourself a confidence boost before the interview starts. Avoid the idea such as, "I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done." You don't want to appear overconfident or like you're owed anything, but just like a first date, the stink of desperation is a turn off. Calmly and firmly state your answers, never putting yourself down and never begging for the opportunity.

4. Use calming techniques. The more relaxed you are during an interview, the clearer you will think which will make you a better listener and speaker. Don't make the mistake of confusing excitement with anxiety. If you're fearful of a job interview, tell yourself that you're feeling a certain way because you're excited. Be true to yourself and your first interview can't go wrong.