Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When Sex Hurts?

Sex is design by God for creation. Sex is fun and pleasure but for some people it can be painful. Most women find it difficult even embarrassing to admit pain during sex. When sex is less than comfortable, it doesn't necessarily mean you're abnormal. There are many reasons why sex is painful. The medical term for pain during or after sexual intercourse is called Dyspareunia. It is not a disease but merely a symptom of an underlying condition. There are two kinds of pain.
a. Superficial Pain - This is the pain you feel when your genitals are touched or even during initial penetration. Below are the common causes:
1. Vaginal Dryness: Lack of lubrication is often caused by inadequate foreplay. To avoid this problem it is suggested to lengthen your foreplay to ensure you get aroused before intercourse. It is important that you talk to your partner about what you need.
2. Menopause: Most middle-aged women are affected by a decrease in female sex hormones particularly estrogen which causes the vaginal wall to thin and dry out.
3. Infections: Vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases cause inflammation of the vaginal wall which can cause also pain. If this occur it is advisable to consult your doctor regarding the problem.
4. Previous Injury: This commonly expereince by mothers due to previous childbirth.
5. Allergy: The vulva may become inflammed as an alergic reaction to the latex in condoms, spermicides or douches. It is suggested that you have to switch or choose an alternative method of birth control.
b. Deep Pain - The pain occurs during deep penetration. It can caused by the following conditions.
1. Endometriosis: This is a fairly common disorder wherein there is an abnormal growth of the tissues lining the uterus wall. Treatment for this is to avoid very deep penetration. Much better have ses one to two weeks before ovulation.
2. Ovarian Cyst
3. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: An infections in the pelvis transmitted sexually.
4. Vaginismus: Some women experience severe, involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles before or during penetration. This cause by fear of being hurt. This is usually a result from a restrictive upbringing or have a background of trauma or sexual abuse.
5. Cancer: a middle-aged woman who suddenly develops pain for the first time is suspicious for either cervical or uterine cancer.
If you expereince pain during intercourse, tell your partner about it and seek his support to abstain from sex until you can get professional help. Because is not only for the pleasure of one it should be both partner.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Wonders of Marriage

Marriage is a sacred vow between man and a woman before the eyes of God and binded by the law of land. It has it's up and downs just like riding a roller coaster. But this roller coaster ride can be made straight by following the following tips.

1. Don't nag. Nagging accomplishes nothing. It only widens the gap between you and your husband. no husband ever appreciates a nagging wife.
2. Believe. - Let your husband feel he can be trusted. This is very hard to do, especially when you believe otherwise. Yet, doing so will make him feel good. he will love you more for it. Nothing hurts a husband's ego than when he feels his own wife does not trust him.
3. Accept. - Accept his strenght as awell as his weaknesses. Praise him for accomplishments and support him during his low moments. When you decide to marry him, you did not marry just a part of him but all of him.
4. Love Yourself. - When you love yourself, you can have enough love to share with your husband. Loving one's self means, among other things, taking care of your health, practicing healthy hygiene, making yourself attractive for your husband.
5. Be Pleasant. - Be pleasant to come home to. A husband may tolerate a messy home, but never a quarrelsome wife.
6. Talk. - never assume. Talk things over. This practice allows one to see through each one's perspective, eventually reaching a compromise.
7. Listen. - Talking accomplishes nothing, however, if neither listens. Before exploding into a barrage of words, listen. It will give you the chance to understand and digest what your partner wants to convey.
8. Forgive and Forget. - Be ready to forgive your mate for his misgivings. Forgiveness lightens your heart and gives you the freedom to start anew with your mate.
9. Share. - When you share your thoughts and feelings, it makes it possible for both of you to know each other better and get to understand each other more.
10. Be a vegetarian. - This may sound weird and out of context but science shows that high intake of flesh food causes irritability and ill temperament. Thus eliminate or limit your meat intake of flesh foods for cooler heads.
11. Study God's Word and pray /together. - Doing this will enhance your relationships with each other and with God. Commiting your lives to God can be sure of a fulfilling and satisfying married life.
12. Trust God. - You will find it easier to trust your mate completely if you trust God first. with God thre is nothing to fear.

The 10 Principles of Losing Weight

Diets are quick-fix traps that don't last. Many people skip from one to the next, losing weight now and gaining it back later. This cycle is discouraging, defeating and often dangerous. A lifetime commitment to good health practices is the only safe path to permanent weight control. Following are the 10 principles of losing weight.

1. Think long term- Shortcuts and quickie plans never last.
2. Do it yourself - Improving your health and energy are better motivations than a coming class
3. Prepare the way - Don't rush into a diet before you are ready for long term changes.
4. Think fruits, grains, legumes and vegetables.
5. Control portion sizes - use a smaller plate. Serve yourself smaller portions and put away
leftovers before you eat.
6. Eat three meals a day - Eating at regular intervals will not send your body into a deprivation
which may cause you to eat more.
7. Maintain your program - Successful weight-loss managers realize that they are not on a
temporary diet - they are starting a permanent new lifestyles.
8. Exercise - Activity is the key to successful weight control, particularly in middle age.
9. Don't overdo it - Don't push yourself to the higher end of the target range. abrisk one-hour
walk a day is a terrific goal for steady, healthy weight management.
10. When you think activity - think "play" - Gardening, yardwork, household chores, sports,
bicycling, and playing with kids are all productive activities.

Can you make the commitment? It's just a matter of disciplining oneself.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get Smart About Brain-boosting Foods

What we feed to our children can either power or drain their brain. Knowing how to fuel a child's brain with the right foods is necessary to optimize his learning potential and emotional growth. The ideal time to start feeding a child's brain is during conception. A high intake of folic acid by the mother is critical for brain development. Adequate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and protein along with other nutrients will help construct the brain. After birth, the brain continues to enlarge. That's why you must fuel and foster these fundamental connections- vital to learning, cognition and memory throughtout life. A child's daily learning is enhanced by stimulation, both inside and outside the classroom and by the proper foods he intakes. The ideal brain fuel foods to consists of slow-releasing carbohydrates like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Another key to brain building is protein which is made up of amino acids. Vitamins and minerals are also play an important role in the development and maintenance of brain and body as well.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get Your Money's Worth

As the price of everything- from rice, meat, eggs and gasoline reaches high, moms can only wail in despair and began to ask herself. If I couldn't save anythign before when everything was cheaper, how can I start saving now? Despite today's steep cost of living, moms can still put something for the rainy day. Yes you can do it, it's just a matter of disciplining oneself and follow through with your plan for the future. Here are pointers I've read regarding budgeting.
1. Find out the cause of your financial hardships.
Itemize every expenses you will make for the next months and clasify whether it's a need or a
want. In this way you can cut those expenses not really needed or what we call wants.
2. Scan your needs list.
See which be altered without affecting the quality of your family's life. For example: To cut your electric bill, turn off lights and appliances when not in use. In my experience I turn off our refrigerator every morning and turn it on before I go for office. Unplug all appliances when not in use.
3. Review your finances.
Go over your assets and liabilities, income, and expenses and see how you can realign your finances to come up with huge solutions. For example, you can pay off accumulated credit card debt by borrowing insurance policy or from a lending company.
4. Get out of debt.
Pay off any huge outstanding high interest debts.
5. Recycle and resell.
Hold a garage sale for your unneeded clothes and home stuff.
6. Earn extra income from something you love to do.
Indulge your creativity by making accessories, writing articles or anything that yields money.
7. Use credit card wisely.
Leave no balance unpaid during the due date.
Tip: Avoid the maƱana habit in saving and investing. Deduct from the budget your monthly savings before paying others. In short, pay yourself first.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fit for Work

It's already 3 p.m. After a day of nonstop typing, writing, you feel stress building up, your head starting to throb, and your back getting achy. and you have to time to go to the Gym because you have to finish the task. What to do? There is a solution for that.
Of course, it won't really burn enough fats to help you trim down. but it will help improve blood circulation and stretch and strengthen tired muscles. Sitting too long will cause back pains and headaches. Moving a little every now and then can help your tired body. Here are 5 steps or movements within your chair that help ease the tired body.
1. Raise arms up in the air, interlock fingers and with palms facing up, reach as high as you can. Lift your chin, look up and stretch your neck as well. Inhale and exhale. Repeat 5 times.
2. Inhale and exhale, turn to the right and grab the back of your chair with your right hand and the armrest with your left. With eyes level, twist torso around as far as it will go. Repeat on the other side.
3. Do half pushups. Stand about 3 feet from a table or cabinet. Lean both hands gripping the table's edge. Push yourself up with your forearms and hold for 2 seconds. Repeat 10-15 times.
4. To work your glutes, tighten and squeeze buttocks. Hold for five seconds and release.
5. Sit straight, hold the armrest and lift as far as possible. Hold for 3 sends and return to original position.
It may not really keep you trim down but will help relieve the pain after a long hours of sitting down.

At the Philippine Military Academy Camp

One of the destinations of our tour in Baguio City was at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). And gosh before reaching that place you have to pass by those curved roads though cemented but most of us were drowsy, fainted and even vomited because of the intestine looked-like roads. I just thanked the Lord that upon reaching the PMA Camp for an hour travels, I still feel comfortable. We enjoyed taking pictures of the different view of the Camp. The Camp was so wide that you will really get tired walking from both ends. We have witnessed the formation of the PMA students and have pictures with them.
As we kept on walking along the street around the Camp we heard a whistle from a guard but we did not mind it because we did not expect that we were the one whistled. We were crossing the other side of the street that time wherein the guard pointed to us not to cross because we have to use the pedestrian line. That’s how disciplined was being imposed in that place that all visitors should follow. We just laughed and say sorry to the guard. At least we knew that pedestrian lines are not only for public streets.
They also have beautiful garden filled with blooming flowers. We really enjoyed roaming around the Camp and taking pictures.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At Mines View Park, Wright Park and The Mansion

After we took our breakfast, our first stop was to Mines View Park. There were lots of people during that time because it was a holiday. Along the way to the park, there were stores selling souvenirs from Baguio. And upon reaching to the entrance, a huge statue of a tribe where you can took pictures but you must give donation maybe for the maintenance of the park. There were also stores inside the park in which they said that before there were not there. Now the essence of the park was gone and it looked like a palengke. Another income generation of the people there was a horse and a St. Bernard Dog where you can took pictures but you have to pay P10-20 per shots. For me, I just passed them by; I went over the whole park. At the end of it, since it’s an overlooking site you could saw trees and rocks and heard cracking of stones, maybe it was the mining itself. On the other side of the park, you could found tribal costumes and you could wear it but pay for it before you could took pictures. Since we were only given 30 minutes to roamed around the park, We then left and our 2nd stop was at Wright Park, It’s a usual park the only difference was there were planted with pine trees and at the other side of it was The Mansion. The place where Pres. Gloria Arroyo would stay when she would visit Baguio, but people were not allowed to get inside the house, picture taking were only allowed outside and inside the gate

Thursday, May 8, 2008

At the Strawberry Farm

I’m back from a busy days. Anyway, just to continue my retreat and tour experiences at Baguio City. Actually we only have 1 day tour on some beautiful tourist spots in Baguio. The first stop of our tour was at the Strawberry Farm. I was really excited to see how a strawberry plant looked like, and as we arrived to the place we went directly to the farm and to my amazed it was just a small plant. We took pictures like we were the owner of the farm (hehehe). They also have other plants like onions, lettuce and cabbage. After we took pictures we went to the other side of the farm where small stores were located. They were selling souvenir items like key chains, t-shirts, hats and etc. They also sell “pasalubong” like the famous strawberry jam and wine, peanut brittle and other delicacies from Baguio. We have so much fun at the farm that as we went back to the bus all of us were carrying bags of “pasalubong”.
Before going to the Retreat House for our breakfast we went to the Lourdes Shrine. There you can found the Grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary but before you can reach the Grotto you have to climb the 200 steps stairways. But I haven’t gone to the top because we were busy choosing silver accessories located nearby.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy this Time

I cannot update my blog this time because I have a very important task to be done.