Friday, July 30, 2010

Moms Who Make a Differrence

Do you love your Mom? Do you say thank you for all the deeds she has done for you? Moms are God’s best gifts to the family. And who are these moms? They are the ones who make a difference in the lives of their family. Below are some of the reasons why they make a difference.

  1. They make home a welcome place. Even how busy moms are they see to it that the house is always a welcome place for everybody.
  2. They grow with their kids. There is no substitute fro spending time with your children. Spectacular or sensational moments to children are nothing. Just simple joys of doing things together. Moms cannot build a solid, loving and caring family without growing up with their children. Therefore, moms who make a difference are available whenever their children need them.
  3. They pray with their kids. Praying for the children is a gesture of love, genuine love. Whenever children see or hear their moms pray for them, they feel loved and cared for. By praying together, moms not only get a glimpse of their children’s hearts; children are also introduced to the miracle of answered prayers.
  4. They take time to express their love. A hug, a tap on the shoulder, a love note, words of encouragement, a candy or chocolate dropped in the bag for their children to find are simple expressions of love.
  5. They make wise investments. Teaching children household chores, money investment and reasonable choices is a wise investment. Children will not only grow up to be practical and independent but delight to have around. Wise moms also invest in their children’s lessons in piano, violin, painting, singing though it’s expensive but these hobbies can serve as a fallback after college.
  6. They respect their husbands. A wife who respects and loves her husband is a pearl of great peace.
  7. They value their parents-in-law.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Woman As Wife

Although the mother’s role is important, the role of wife is in some ways even more important and more vital. The wife who confuses the order of things and puts her child before her husband will most probably have a husband who feels neglected, and an unsatisfied may grow to resent any child who seems to take first place in his wife’s life. Since this wife may now lack a companion and lover, she sometimes attempts to make a substitute husband out of her child. She may also communicate frustration and low regard for her husband to the child, which may even cause the child to develop disrespect or even hatred for the father.

Another basic fact a wife needs to understand is to accept her husband for what he us and not try to change him. Attempts to change a man usually end in nagging, which creates tension in the home. A wife needs to concentrate on her husband’s good qualities and express admiration and appreciation for his physical, mental and spiritual capabilities. Tell your husband how smart, handsome, trim and wonderful he looks to you. Be understanding of the heavy burdens he shoulders – the difficulties and hardships he faces in bearing the financial responsibilities for the family. Be his biggest moral booster, and make home fun to return to. It is almost impossible for a man to feel tenderly about a woman who is constantly criticizing him or suggesting that he must change.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Man As Husband

Marriage brings status satisfaction to a man. He expects marriage to provide some of the feelings of importance that he craves. When a child enters the scene, a husband quickly learns that the attention he once had all to himself must now be divided. A new father must be sufficiently mature to recognize that when his wife shares her love with his child, she does not love him any less. Father and child are not in competition for a woman’s affections.
It is mostly felt by fathers but it becomes essential that husband and wife schedule occasions to be together without interference from a child. They must set aside time and money for leisure activities outside the home to rekindle the fires of romance that tend to get lost due greater responsibilities in the family. Select activities that appeal to both of you. Forget your problems and concentrate on each other.
Someone has said that the most important thing a man can do for his children is to love his wife. A good father is first and foremost a good husband, love your wife. Tell her that you cherish the way she looks and that she us as lovely as the day you married her. Express your love through small acts of compliments, appreciation of her devotion in the home, and thoughtful remembrances such as flowers, cards or a dinner out. Keep the sparks of affection glowing in your marriage. An attentive husband presents a proper picture of a man’s role to both sons and daughters. The male plays a strong role in holding a family together.

Goodbye Mess....

Can you easily locate things in your house? Or do you tend to forget the whereabouts of those things? Can you receive guest without scampering or hurrying up to clean the sala or the comfort room? When friends walk into your room, will they see towels, clothes, books, papers, magazines, bags and other things piled on your bed? Well, let’s end up those messy things around your house. I would like to share practical tips on how you can live a simple, organized and clutter-free life.

  1. Have a place for everything and always put everything in its proper place- dirty clothes in the hamper, books on the bookshelf and clean clothes inside the closet. This practice will help you remember and locate things easily. Organize clothes in the locker or closet by categories (blouses, shirts, skirts, pants, lingerie’s, etc.)
  2. Clean one day at a time. Ask your family not to leave things, anywhere most especially on the floor, tables and chairs. If they don’t want them redeemed, remind them orally or in written form to put the things back in their places after use. This is to avoid clutter inside the house.
  3. Get rid of stuff that ate not used anymore like old clothes, receipts and notes. Donate partially used clothes, books and toys that are rarely used.
  4. Avoid being too sentimental to the point of keeping all the kitchen ware collections of your grandmother’s mom even if you don’t have enough space in the house to store those things.
  5. Set a time for a general cleaning either at the middle and end of the year or every semestral break of the students. Take this time to consider the stuff you’d like to keep and those you want to give or throw away.
  6. Live simply. Buy only the things that your family needs, not the things that you want. As much as possible, keep away from mall sales even if the promo ads would says “up to 60% discount”. This is to avoid drowning up your own collection.

I think the above mention tips can be a great help in keeping up your things in order thus making your life peaceful, organize and clutter-free.

Monday, July 26, 2010

President Noynoy State of The Nation Address 2010

The State of the Nation Address (Filipino: Talumpati sa Kalagayan ng Bayan, abbreviated SONA) is an annual event in the Republic of the Philippines, in which the President of the Philippines reports on the status of the nation, normally to the resumption of a joint session of the Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate). This is a duty of the President as stated in Article VII, Section 23 of the 1987 Constitution.

I admired and salute the braveness of our President in exposing the true scenario of our country from the previous government officials whom we entrusted our economy. I hope it will be the beginning of change so that our nation will achieve progress in the next coming years of his governance.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Divine Mercy Statue


Have you been to Cagayan de Oro City lately? If not then it’s time for you to visit the place because of this very beautiful and holy place specifically located in the place of Villanueva, Cagayan de Oro City. This is the gigantic statue of the Divine Mercy.
You can reach the place by riding a jeepney, which is 30-45 minutes ride from the city proper of Cagayan de Oro City and single a motorcycle or “habal-habal” to deliver you to the gate of the holy place.
I visited the place last April 2010 after our three days retreat at Betania Malasag, Cagayan de Or City. It was a great experienced being in that place because every person who were going to enter the place must wear decent attire like no short pants. But you can still enter the place because they have prepared red skirt to wear as you enter the place. And I was one of those who were able to wear the red skirt during our visit because I was wearing pedal or three-fourth pants together with my other officemate. That is why if you plan to visit the place, refrain from wearing short pants if you don’t like to wear the red skirt they provided.
The place was so amazing and holy because you can see the giant statue of the Divine Mercy surrounded by beautiful and blooming flowers. If given the chance I really wanted to visit the place again and I wanted to climb the statue through the stairways from the bottom to the heart of the statue.
If you have time try to visit the place

Foods Against Cold and Flu

Are you protected against cold and flu? Even if you’ve had a flu shot, you need to wash your hands regularly and take vitamin C for an extra insurance and assurance of your health. Remember that what you eat may help prevent or treat those common illnesses. Try these delicious ideas. They taste great and may just make you feel better, too.

1. Chicken soup has to be at the top of the list. Hot chicken soup helps clear clogged airways, and the nourishing broth will give you more energy. Add plenty of vegetables, including onion and garlic, for extra healing power.
2. Hot and spicy food. Garlic, hot peppers or hot sauce helps to break up congestion. Cook ethnic foods that contain these ingredients, or simply ad hot sauce to foods for extra zip.
3. Garlic. This fragrant bulb seems to help reduce symptoms of cold and flu. Add garlic liberally to your favorite foods, or even chew a raw clove or two.
4. Fluids. Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids. Instead of coffee, soda, or sweetened beverages, drink plenty of water and pure fruit juices. Hot beverages work better for some people. Try tea, hot water mixed with lemon or hot lemonade.
5. Citrus fruits. Reach for fruits to increase your vitamin C intake. Drink orange juice for breakfast, snack on half a grapefruit, or add tangerine slices to a lunchtime salad Increased vitamin C is especially important if you smoke, as smoking increases both you risk of colds and your body’s needs for this protective vitamin.
6. Vitamin C sources. Citrus fruits aren’t the only foods high in vitamin C. Include potatoes, green peppers, strawberries and pineapple in your daily cold-fighting food arsenal.
7. Ginger. Many people find liberal use of fresh ginger root helps treat colds and flu. Try making ginger tea: Pour a cup of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger; let steep 5-10 minutes.
Remember that if our typical daily routine includes skipped meals, lots of caffeine for “energy” and a steady diet on high-fat, high-sugar junk foods, we’re setting ourselves up for illness. Make sure to eat plenty of whole grains, fruit, vegetables and low-fat protein to keep your immune system in top shape. Think of nutritious foods as part of your cold-and-flu season armor, and you’ll be ready to do battle whatever illness strike! So eat healthy foods in order to be healthy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Study Tips to Remember

1. Read, Read and Read
Reading will increase your vocabulary and with the help of your pocket dictionary. Comprehend what you are reading. It will also help you write better essays and convenience during recitations. Find a suitable time and a quiet place for reading and studying. Limit your television hours. Instead of being a “couch potato” be a “book worm”. Use computers as a learning tool. Research materials from the internet cover a wider field and more comprehensive data.

2. During exams, don’t beat the deadline. but beat the exam!
Cramming is never a good idea. It can stress you out and you can’t absorb any of your lessons. Review your lessons daily or weekly. You must have your own study schedule. Some of you prefer to study at night, at dawn or at day. It depends upon your choice & preference. When in class, Take notes so you can review easily. Have a little marking pen. Highlighting the main points can get rid of the useless details. Use organizers or calendars to keep track your activities for the day. This will make your study habits more relaxed and systematic.
But do not push yourself too much. While studying, play some music or take a nap whenever feasible.

3. Group study
Sometimes, studying with friends can help you more. Giving pointers to each other can also explain things in better depth. Eating junk foods while studying is a BIG NO-NO! It pays to be healthy. Eat nutritious foods. Invest on your vitamins and other food supplements. Try eating fruits or drink fruit shakes and juices. It’s good for the skin too.

4. Motivate yourself
Know your goal. It is always an extra point to have a goal in life. Put your goal to a higher GPA. Isn’t it nice to see your parent’s smile when you show them your high grades? It’s one way of repaying their love to you and showing that you recognized their hard-earned money. After a hard work, reward yourself. Any incentive will do. Chocolates, going to the beach, shopping or have a fun day with your family. Make sure that it is really tempting enough to be good reward. So tempt yourself.