Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Misa de Gallo

It was already a tradition for every Christians to attened "Simbang Gabi" But what is really Simbang Gabi? What is the significant of it for every Filipino Christians?

One of the greatest gifts that the Spanish people imparted during colonization to the Philippines was the bringing of Catholic Faith. It has rooted the life and culture of the people the Catholic beliefs and practices, one of which is the "Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi. It is the integral part of the Christmas celebration of every Filipino Christians. It refers to the tradition of celebrating Mass during the early dawn on each of the nine days before Christmas. The mass starts at 4:00 am., and begins on the 16th of December and ends on the 24th of December which is the midnight mass.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

NTP Christmas Party

Last Saturday December 13, 2008 we had our NTP Christmas Party held at the ND/HRM Mini Hotel UIC. Every departments are required to have a Christmas presentation. For my seven years at UIC, it was my first time to join in the presentation (as in dancing)!. I really don't have the confidence in dancing (modern) because looking back to my elementary days all I knew was folk dance. But to tell you every closing ceremony of our school, I was one of the dancers (char!). And after so many years it was only now that I joined in dancing. I can tell that I can dance pala. We only have one day practice for the presentation, and we really don't expect to win because of the lack of time but to our surprised we won the second prize. We were so happy despite of the lack of time for practice. And just this morning I received a call from Ate Caring the Vice President of the NTP telling us to prepare for the coming Institutional Party because we will also present after the ITRZ and Laboratory group who garnered the first prize. Actually, it was already a practice that the one won the first prize will be the one to present during the Institutional Party but then they like our presentation and they even wondered why we only got the second prize. Anyway, that's the decision of the judges.

Friday, December 5, 2008

On Buying Shoes

Do you know that one of the weaknesses of a woman is buying a pair of shoes if not everyday but at least in a month? Girls have you wondered why that sometimes when you fit a shoes and you feel it already fitted to your feet but when its time for you to wear it during the day you feel uncomfortable because it's too tight to your feet. The reason is, the best time to buy a shoes is during the evening because our feet are already tired and expanded to the maximum. Therefore, it will tell you which shoe gives you the maximum comfort. But you can still buy during the day, just keep a one-inch allowance between the big toe and your shoe tip if you buy it in the morning and half an inch if you buy in the afternoon.
I hope this tip will help to all women out there who loves to buy shoes always.

Say Hello

Hello guys! I'm back again, have you wonder why my blog is not updated? It's just that I have my 2-months leave and reported only last November 14. So, to start with this new come back I want to share to you the many ways to say "hello".

1. Japanese - "konnichiwa" (koe-nee-chee-wha)
2. Spanish - "hola" (OH-la)
3. Mandarin Chinese - "ni hao" (nee-how)
4. Hebrew - "shalom" (sha-LOHM)
5. France - "bonjour" (bohn-JOOR)
6. Italy - "ciao" (chow)
7. Swahili - "jambo" (JAHM-boh)
8. Arabic - "marhaba" (MAR-hah-bah)
9. Russians - "privet" (preev-YEHT)
10. Hindi - "namaste" (nah-mah-STAY)