Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Resume Must- Haves

Do you want to be hired in a job you applied quickly? Then it depends on how you present your submitted resume to the employer. Does your resume catch up the attention of the interviewer to give the chance for an interview? That is why it is very important that you have a very good resume when you apply for a job. Below are some of the 5 must-haves for a successful resume.

1. Clear Objective- Know the purpose of your resume and align it with the job you are targeting.
2. Grammatical Correctness- There should be no room for spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes.
3. Factual Accuracy- The dates, designations and data mentioned in the CV should be correct and verifiable.
4. Right Keywords- Make use the right keywords that a recruiter uses for searching candidates.
5. Career Progression- Mention the skills and strengths you have developed over experience. Use data to show your achievements.

If you follow all that must haves in your resume you're surely get the job.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to make Pantyhose Last Long

Do you wear pantyhose? How many times did you use a pair of pantyhose? Probably you use it twice, thrice depending on the quality of the brand and price. Fortunately, there are several ways you can do to make each pair of pantyhose last as long as possible.

1. Look for opaque, heavier knits and avoid sheer pantyhose.
2. Wear the proper size. Pantyhose that are too small will be more under stress and more likely to run and destroy.
3. Spray the new pantyhose lightly with starch to add strength to the fibers.
4. Wet the pantyhose and place them in a plastic bag, sealed the bag and put it in a freezer. Freezing the pantyhose will stress the fibers before you wear them thus making them harder to tear when wearing. Remove them from the freezer and allow them to defrost before hanging them to dry.
5. Be careful when putting the pantyhose. Do not wear jewelry and keep your finger and toe nails trimmed. This will keep the pantyhose from encountering any unwanted snags or rips.
6. If your pantyhose already have a snag or rip, use a hairspray or clear nail polish. Turn the hose inside out and apply lightly to the edges of the run or snag. Allow to dry completely before wearing again.

Try those simple tips in order to save money and avoid frequent buying of pantyhose.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Other Uses of Vinegar

As we all know that Vinegar is a sour liquid used mainly in the kitchen as food preservatives, flavoring and use for preparing menus. But there are also other uses of vinegar. If you don't have enough budget for buying wipes for your appliances then go for vinegar.

1. Gas or electric stove top. For a shiny stove top, dip a clean cloth in vinegar and rub it on surface. For grease on stove top, soak cloth in vinegar and rub on greased spot. soak the greased with vinegar if it is hard to remove.

2. Microwave odor. Boil a solution of 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 cup water in the microwave oven. The process will not only loosen splattered food; it will also deodorize the oven.

3. Stainless steel pots and pans. Rub the pots and pans with dish cloth soaked in pure vinegar. Set pots and pans aside for a while, then wash them with water.

4. Clogged kitchen sink. Pour a handful of baking soda in the sink outlet, followed by 1/4 vinegar. After few minutes drain the sink outlet with hot water.

5. Bottles. Wash mayonnaise, cheese or peanut butter bottles. rinse them with vinegar to keep them clean and deodorized.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Water Saving Tips

Water is considered as one of the basic necessity for human beings to exist and survive. That is why we need to save water. Saving water will not only help us save money, we also contribute to the protection of our environment. Below are some tips on saving water.

1. Reuse the water. We can use the water at home repeatedly. For example, we can use the water from the washing machine for watering plants or flowers, cleaning the garage and cleaning the toilet.

2. Reduce the number of using water. Schedule the number of days to wash clothes like three times a week in order to minimize usage of water and as well save money by reducing also the use of detergent. Tips also in washing, start from small things and white clothes this is to improve the efficiency of water use.

3. Get rid of bad habits of using water. Sometimes we don't mine that the faucet is halfway open and dropping some amount of water in exchange of watching tv, answering the phone or whatever activities.

4. Don't throw tissues or some materials to the toilet bowl because it causes clogging and will need more water when flushing.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Fun Eyeglasses

Christmas season is really near. Have you think a gift for yourself? How about changing you old design eyeglasses? Yes, a new pair of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. They have new arrivals of holiday fun eyeglasses. There are a lot of glasses categories from Zenni Optical which you can choose from. If you don’t have enough budgets, then you can avail their $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses with same quality of those expensive one. So try for yourself and now and look new this Christmas Season.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hints for a Healthy and Lasting Marriage

Many people would describe a satisfying and fulfilling marriage of 53 years as amazing in this day. Yet, the truth is that any couple can have an amazing marriage. The key is paying attention to the little things that keep love alive. Below are some of the hints to a happy marriage:

1. Apologize frequently- knowing when one is wrong and promptly apologizing for the offensive action. Don't hesitate to express an apology if your words, attitudes were wrong.
2. Take up residence in someone else's point of view. Means learning to listen. Provide opportunity and freedom for your partner to express his/her opinion without interruption.
3. Pray for your partner. Always include your partner in your prayers and ask God to bless him.
4. Keep a sense of humor. Lighten and brighten your marriage by maintaining a sense of humor.
5. Talk regularly. No matter how busy you are set aside at least 20 minutes a day.
6. Be loyal.
7. Expand your joy level. Remind yourself not to let the pace of life constrict your level of joy and pleasure together.
8. Always to be courteous and considerate. Continue to treat your partner as though it was your first date.
9. Educate yourself about love. Consider your idealism into a practical, workable reality by educating yourself about love.

Entering into a marriage life is not a easy task. It is a lifetime vocation and it needs a lot of adjustment and sacrifice in order to achieve a longer marriage with happy and harmonious living.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is Mesothelioma?

Do you know what mesothelioma is? It is a cancer of the mesothelium. Mesothelium is the protective sac that covers and protects most of the internal organs of the human body. It produces lubricating fluid which allows our organ to move easily. Like for example the lungs and the heart, the fluid allows the lungs to breathe and makes our heart expand and contract. But once it is affected by mesothelioma the cells become abnormal, divided and grow without control which causes the over producing of fluids and cover the organs with thick layer of tumor tissue, that will grow, invade and spread to other parts of the body. Mesothelioma is cause by the exposure of asbestos. Asbestos is one of the ingredients in making materials like cement, brake linings, roof shingles, flooring products, textiles and insulation and once it is breathe it will tear down the lung tissue. The effect of asbestos will take from 20 to 40 years from the time of exposure. You can file a lawsuit for mesothelioma case. There is a mesothelioma law firm who concentrate their entire practice on mesothelioma laws. They will assist you throughout the entire process of your claim.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hair Shampoo and Conditioner to Wash Away Toxins

Everyday we are accumulating toxins in our body which we get from pollutions, the food we eat, the products we use and many other ways affecting our health. This is very applicable to men and women who use styling gels, spray, and other medicines during hair treatment use by many parlors. We did not even know how much toxins our body has. But there are already existing products which can detect the toxin level of our body, so we can have the time to cleanse our body completely prior to the test we are going to take. It is the Detox Universal Kit. They have many products which are safe, easy to use and undetectable. One of the products is the Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner which will wash away external barriers from hair spray, gels and remove medications, chemical buildup and other impurities from within the hair, it has a purifying agent that can penetrate the hair shaft to dissolve, release and remove all the chemicals in the hair and it has an aloe base conditioner that control hair tangles, adds sheen and improves manageability. It is the only complete deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner with a money back guarantee. Use it as your usual shampoo.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love and Respect for Parents

Last Friday November 5, 2009, I attended a seminar about Parenting with the title "Disciplining with Love". We are so fortunate to have a speakers coming from Manila in the person of Mrs. Maribel Sison Dionisio, MA together with her husband Dr. Allan R. Dionisio, MD and son David Dionisio.
Being a parent is the hardest thing to do. It involves a lot of sacrifices and adjustments. And you can only realize it unless when you are already a parent too. Sometimes we hate or become angry with our parents when they will not allow us to go out or do this things. It seems that we are not love by them, they are overprotective and whatever negative emotions towards them which sometimes resulted to rebellion. They are just normal reactions of parents because they wanted to protect their children because no parents wanted that their children will be in harm.
I learned a lot from that one day seminar and I hope those children out there to understand their parents and give their respect and love.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Powerful Search Engine

Have you heard about Queen Torrent? I guess only few knew about this. It is a powerful search engine, very easy and convenient to use. When you open the site you can see list of different downloadable programs. You had the opportunity to download lots of games, music, movie, mobile programs, windows programs and many more according to your interest and needs. And what makes it best to use is that it is free to download and nothing to worry or fear of downloading empty and not complete file because it will not happen in this program. Their database is updated regularly where thousands of sites are uploaded to the files base.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Saints Day Celebration

Are you ready for the Halloween? During my childhood days, I observed from my parents and relatives that they give so much time for it. It goes with a nine days novena for the souls which would end on November 1. And they really went to the cemetery to visit the graved of relatives and friends. Maybe it was already the tradition and they just followed what has been started. They believed that on this day the ghosts walked and mingled with the living. Aside from the souls, the devils, witches and other assorted monsters and goblins are believed to be at the peak of their supernatural powers. (Scary……..) Is it really true? Well, it might be true or not we, the living should pray for this very important day for all the souls in purgatory. In this way we can help their souls find peace wherever they are.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Homemade Facial Mask

I was browsing a magazine the other day and I read about homemade facial mask. So I decided to try the recipe. I was amazed of the result to my skin. Maybe you can try it at home. All you need are: 1 tablespoon honey, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon olive oil. You beat the egg yoke with a fork, add the oil and blend well, add the honey using a spoon and blend well again. Apply it all over your face with your fingers except your eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with water. This will also help minimized pimples and make skin smoother.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Travel To Davao del Norte

Hi guys I was not able to update my site because I just came from Davao del Norte for testing. Have you been there? Well, the place might not be so beautiful but if you like nature then the place is right for you to travel. Along the way you will be able to see the pacific view of the blue sea and the beautiful formations of mountains. It was somewhere in Mati that you can see a mountain forming like a sleeping dinosaur.
We went to different schools of Cateel, Baganga, Caraga and Manay. We slept in Mati for it was the only place that has a good hotels. We felt dizzy because of the curved roads but we really have fun and enjoyed our travel.

Monday, October 5, 2009

September EC Droppers

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It's another round of saying "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" for the top 10 EC Droppers for the month of September. Till next month and happy dropping again.

Mom’s Place 28

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Research 13

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Multi media Entertainment 8

Tutorials4newbies 7

Labor Law Compendium 7

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Benefits of Exercise

Do you consider yourself as FAT? If so, then it’s time to eliminate those curves in your body. How? There are many things to consider on loosing those excess fats in your body.
One of the best activities for weight loss is exercise. Studies showed that regular physical activity helped eliminate excess fats in our body. If you exercise everyday, it will prevent fats from reappearing.
Exercise is not only for the purpose of losing excess weights but it is also good for our health. It was found out that 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or beyond one’s usual daily activity provide health benefits to individual such as: it reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, premature death, colon, breast cancer and diabetes. Exercise also helps improve mental health, makes muscles, bones and joints strong and help reduce stress.
There are many ways of exercising without spending an amount. The best forms of exercise are brisk walking, gardening, sweeping or any household chores that will make your body move. The more you sweat the more calories are burned. It’s just a matter of disciplining oneself and the willingness to sacrifice for something that can do well for him/her.


Play Aion Online

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Have you heard about AION? Maybe some knows about it. Actually it’s my first time to meet this word but it’s not just a word, it’s an online game. To know more about this online game, below are the steps on how to get started.

  1. Register or create an account. After creating you can now access or login to your account.
  2. Server Selection. At this point, the screen will display the server name, characters and status.
  3. Select Race. This is the most important step of the game. Once you choose your race for a particular server, you can only create characters of that race on that server. If you wish to change or venture to other side, you need to choose a different server. And characters of the previous server can be deleted to start a new race.
  4. Select Class. It is displayed on the screen and you just have to choose one of them.
  5. Create Character. In this step options will be displayed on the screen for you to choose. When you’re satisfied and happy of the character you created, then it’s time to start playing the game.

So friends try this game now and have fun.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Get Paid for Blogging

The most well known activity in the internet right now aside from social networking (facebook, friendster etc.) is blogging. It becomes my hobby already. I decided to join this kind of activity because they said that “you can make money out of it’, which I did. The more earnings I got the more eager I am to continue what I’ve started. I supposed most of the bloggers including me searched for paid companies that will yield us task for a certain payment. I have my online friend that we shared ideas, latest updates and views everyday. There are a lot of paid companies who are offering reviews, clicks for payments, but there are also scam sites that will just waste your time and effort.
I came across this site because my friend refers this to me and I found it good and legitimate. The site is blogadvertisingstore. They offer opportunities and task with corresponding payments. The steps are very easy to do. First you login to their site. Second enter your blog site and wait for approval. Once your site is approved you are now able to receive opportunities for review. From then on, you will start earning. You can add as much as 10 blogs in this site.
Friends if you enjoy writing or if you have the talent in writing, why not get paid to do it? Many are successful and earning so much in this kind of hobby. But there are points to consider in order for you to become successful in this job. First, you have to submit your site to different web directories such as Yahoo directory. Second, make linkages by visiting other blog sites. If you done this you’re likely to receive more task or reviews to work for.
“Raise your hand if you want” as what the company is saying. Feel free to visit the site, join and be one of us. Just follow the link below and you will get there.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Importance of Web Directories

Blogging is one of my favorite pass times when I am facing my computer. I started doing this for about two years already. I really enjoy doing this because it gives me the chance to think of what I am going to post in my site and being able to browse other site that gives me some information which can be helpful in my day to day activities. I suppose everybody is making money out of their blogs which makes me eager to do so. Actually it’s not easy to just post article into your site, you also need to extend your horizon to what the real world of blogging is all about. Probably you will ask yourself “How can I earn from my blog?” That is also my question before and that question was answered when I already earning a little. The very important tool for any websites is boosting popularity to readers. This is where free web directory comes in. It is like the yellow pages of a telephone directory where companies are categories for easy access and browsing, the same also with web directory. It is a subject guide, typically organized by major topics and subtopics. The best known directory is the one at Yahoo Directory. Maybe when you do surfing the net you happened read and seen SEO friendly web directory. This is just one of the web directories that can be helpful in boosting visitors to your site. You can also submit your site to DMOZ. So if you want your site to be well known to readers submit it for free to free web directory.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ondoy The Killer Typhoon

Last Saturday typhoon Ondoy hits some of the provinces of Luzon and Metro Manila. The flood destructed the houses, buildings, vehicles, most worst many people died of the unexpected phenomenon that occurred Metro Manila and nearby provinces of Luzon after a long years now. I really pity the people who were affected especially the children who died. The people are suffering from hunger, sickness and traumatize from the incident. Below are some of the pictures during and after the flood.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Want to Increase Blog Traffic and Web Popularity?

I would like to share this very helpful strategy to boost your traffic.

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Please read carefully then apply correctly....

A philosophy says "Honesty is the Best Policy (Honesty is the political / best strategy)," is what we will prove .... whether honesty concept we can use to generate traffic and more intense popularity beyond the concept of complex expert webmaster or SEO expert ..?... I believe we will achieve that goal if this concept is running properly ..., and if this concept is applying in your web according to the rules, by then:
-Your Web will be swamped with huge traffic visitors day by day, without fuss or tired of the SEO campaign to a lot of web in the internet world.
-Your Web will be flooded huge back link day by day, without fuss hunt link to a lot of web in the internet world.

If Albert Einstein use the equation E = mc2 to combine mass potential and speed of light to create extreme nuclear energy , then we will use equation = V1 + V2 to combine my web potential and your web potential to generate extreme web traffic and popularity also .

If Einstein use atom plutonium and uranium to make nuclear bombs, then we use the Honesty and accuracy to make a bomb of this traffic and popularity concept.

What do you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Create a post articles as I post this, or copy-paste this post from Copy start here until Copy Finish, and also be entitled: t = V1 + v2, How to increase traffic and popularity quickly and naturally.

2. Copy or make the next powerful sentence existing under the number 3 plug at this website on your part to section that most easily seen by visitor, for example at the top of the sidebar

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The more authentic information about you know, the more likely people are to consider you a expert. Read on for even more facts that you can share.

Next is the post of "powerful sentence" you need to install in your web part (after the change in the url link to its corresponding provisions of the above)

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4. Finish, prepare tracker counter and link checker for example sitemeter and Technorati to see a flood of traffic and your web backlink

What is t = V1 + t2 ...?
t: Number of traffic that will be you get on your web in a day
V1: The number of visitors to your web in a day
v2: Number of visitors of the V1 (a visitor from your web visitors) in a day.

For example, my web or your website in one day have an average of 50 visitors .., and all of this we apply the concept (powerful sentences) correctly, and that 50 people from each of 50 people also have visitors from his blog , then the web we will visit in a 50 plus 50 x 50 people on that day = 2550, and will also likely continue to increase day by day, because every day there are always new visitors in the internet world, each day also have a new blogger, or web internet in the world ... PROVE IT!

For example, our web visitors have 50 people in a day, and everyone implement this concept, then in the web that day you will get 100 linkback to your website, a link on Powerful sentence and a link on the link in my multiply 50. and will likely continue to increase day by day ....

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Can we do not fair or not fair sabotage this concept, for example, "remove all links of origin" and fill in the web / blogs we own...? .... Yes, and this concept will not prove to be a maximum of Honesty is a strategy / political answer..... But I believe that we all want to throw them credibility by making such action cheap ...

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What do you think is it helpful to your site? I would like to thank Sida for this idea.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Building a Lifetime Relationship

This are not steps for lovemaking but a guide on how to build a lasting relationship that is for a lifetime. You should not involve yourself in a relationship just for the sake of satisfaction- in terms of material things. Person is making used of the other person just for personal intentions but actually he/she not interested of the person. The following are just one of the tips on building a lifetime relationship.

1. Honesty. Both partners should be truthful to each other. It’s hard to trust another person if you have discovered him/her to be lying. They said the truth will sets you free. So be what you are, uncover yourself from the mask that you are wearing and show the real you.

2. Listening. It is one of the important aspects of communication. God give us two ears and one mouth which means we should listen twice as much as we talk. This is to allow us to know and understand what is going around us.

3. Quality Time. You should look for opportunities to spend time together. Enjoy every moment that youre together.

4. Compromise. In a relationship, it can’t be avoided that there are some disagreement. Look at booth sides and find common areas where you can compromise.

5. Helping each other. Both partners should help each other to accomplish individual task, this is to allow more time together.

6. Allow God to be the center in your relationship.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Join and Earn from Link From Blog Site

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Seminar on Quality Customer Service and Why Listen

It ends well and successful! This is my personal evaluation of the two days seminar we have last September 5 and 12, 2009 held in the audio visual room of UIC main campus. Though it was just about 3 hour’s seminar but it gave me the opportunity to reflect - am I doing the right way?
The first day topic was about "Quality Customer Service". Being the front liner of the institution it is our duty to give the best services to our clients who are the students, parents and visitors. Because of them we exist. But sometimes in a day to day activities and routinely works it cannot be avoided that we encountered a harsh clients that resulted to misunderstanding and conflicts. So, this seminar served as a re-awakening and opening of new ideas, that we need to control our emotions in order to create and peaceful environment not only to the clients but to the co-workers also.
On the second day, the topic was "Why Listen? Why is there a need for listening? Even in our own families we need to listen to each member because we never understand each other if we will not listen to them. There must be a give and take situation- the speaker and a listener in order to received the message clearly and act on it correctly.
We are so thankful to our resource speaker in the person of Mr. Rene Lizada who gave his best and impart his knowledge and experiences about the topic.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mango-Cream Refrigerator Cake

Hello everyone! I have found this very easy to prepare cake, no need to use an oven because all you have to do is to chill it inside the freezer. So, lesser expense and very affordable ingredients too. Try it now!

20 pcs. graham crackers
¼ cup sweetened mango juice
1 cup fresh mango bits
1 cup fresh mango balls
1 (90 gms.) pack unflavored gulaman
1 cup water
3/4 cup sweetened mango juice

For the custard cream:
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup all purpose flour
3 cups full cream milk
5 pcs. egg yolks
½ tsp. vanilla
¼ cup margarine

• Prepare custard cream by combining sugar and flour in a thick saucepan; mix well and egg yolks.
• While stirring, pour in milk and egg yolks. Cook over moderate heat while stirring.
• When slightly thickened, stir in vanilla and margarine. Cook further until mixture is very thick.
• Remove from heat and allow to cool.
• To assemble:
Spread about ½ cup of cooled custard cream on a 6 x 6 x 4" square dish. Arrange 4 pieces (side by side) of graham cracker on top. Brush graham with mango juice then spread about ¼ cup of mango bits on top. Repeat layers sequence to make a total of 4 layers more. Finish with a last layer of custard cream then arrange mango balls on top.
• Meanwhile, dissolve gulaman in one cup water and 3/4 cup mango juice; mix well and allow to boil, stirring once in a while.
• When gulaman is completely dissolved, remove from heat and allow to cool for about 3 minutes.
• Pour on top of mango balls and spread evenly.
• Chill for at least 3 hours before serving. Serves 12

Friday, September 11, 2009


I would like to share this native delicacie. It's one of my favorite foods. Easy to prepare and affordable ingredients. Happy weekend!

1 cup rice flour
2 cups brown sugar
3 cups water

1 teaspoon lye water (potassium carbonate solution sold in food stores)
Freshly grated coconut


In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix well. Pour into muffin pans, until halfway full. Steam in a large pan with a cover; the water should be 2 inches deep. Cook for 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. Add more water if needed until cooking is done.

Remove from the muffin pans and serve with freshly grated coconut. Serves 4.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Natural Sources of Antioxidants

Natural sources of antioxidants, such as Vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, are some of your best defenses against coronary-pulmonary aging. Below are the list of you can choose. Eat at least five to nine servings per day of fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C:
Red pepper, Brussels sprouts, papaya, orange, chestnuts, butternut squash, kiwi, strawberries, cantaloupe, kale, pink grapefruit, sweet potato, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. (The latter three also help the liver detoxify poisons and "bad" estrogens (16-hydroxyestrone) that promote breast, colon, cervical and prostate cancer.)

Vitamin E:
Almonds, spinach, parsnips, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, asparagus, sweet potato, wheat germ, brussels sprouts, peanuts, pecans.

Beta carotene:
Carrot, butternut squash, cantaloupe, sweet potato, kale, watercress, apricot, red pepper, turnip greens, mango.

A good rule of thumb:
Eat from the fruit and vegetable "color palette" each day and include red, green, orange, blue (blueberries) and yellow.

Eating lots of anti-oxidants keeps your lungs strong! People who ate the most antioxidants were able to exhale almost 1/2-cup more air in one second than people who ate much less. The ability to inhale and exhale volumes of air is called "Vital Capacity" and is perhaps the best physical exam indicator of life expectancy!

Lung cancer is the number-one cancer killer - and that 18-percent of victims never smoked.

So to protect us from the harmful effects of cigarette smokes, try to eat your nine servings of a rainbow variety of fruits, seeds, nuts and vegetables. Then take a professional quality multi-vitamin/mineral daily. As iron is a pro-oxidant, it should not be included usually except in the anemic, children formulas and for menstruating or pregnant females.


Monday, September 7, 2009

What you should Do if aThief forces you to witdraw from your ATM

When a thief forces you to take money from the ATM, do not argue or resist. You might not know what he or she might do to you. What you should do is to punch your PIN in the reverse mode. I.e. if your PIN # is 1254, you punch 4521.The moment you punch in the reverse mode, the money will come out, but will be stuck into the machine half way out and it will alert the Police (security) without the notice of the thief. Every ATM has it; it is specially made to signify danger and help. Not everyone is aware of this.

Wilfredo E. Bambasi, Jr.
Systems Programmer

ISG/DPO/Mainframe Technical Support

Saturday, September 5, 2009

August Entrecard Droppers

zwani.com myspace graphic comments

I would like to thank as always to my avid visitors who continuously visited and dropped my site. I hope I can visit your site as often as you did.

Labor Law Compendium

Monday, August 31, 2009

National Heroes Day Celebration

National Heroes' Day is a public holiday in the Philippines. It is celebrated every last Sunday of August. This is to commemorate the heroic deeds of our leaders and to emulate the minds of the younger generation on how our heroes fought for our country and gave us freedom. This is also celebrated in order to give honor to other heroes who are not remembered with their own legal holiday.
Let us be thankful to them because they were the one who fought for our country. Below are some of the heroes of our country. We are proud to be a Filipino.

Jose P. Rizal

Melchora Aquino

Benigno "Ninoy Aquino

Gabriela Silang

Marcelo H. del Pilar

Andres Bonifacio

Emilio Aguinaldo

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Venezuela Won the Miss Universe 2009

Venezuelan Stefania Fernandez won the 2009 Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas on Sunday night.
The other top-five finalists were runner-up Ada Aimee de la Cruz, followed by Miss Kosovo, Droga Ganusha; Miss Australia, Rachael Finch; and Miss Puerto Rico, Mayra Matos Perez.
Miss China, Wang Jingyao, was named Miss Congeniality and Miss Thailand, Chutima Durongdej, won Miss Photogenic.

“Nahiusang Katawhan Nakigdait sa Kalibutan” (“One People in Communion with the Earth”)

Happy 24th Kadayawan Festival! The Theme for this year is "Nahiusang Katawhan sa Kalibutan" (One People in Communion with the Earth) Kadayawan is a thanksgiving celebration for a bountiful harvest. Basically, it is a comemmorative event for the life and culture of the Indegineous People which is always associated with land. They expressed thier thanksgiving to the spirits by dancing.

This year’s celebration has two main components:

Lumadnong Kasaulogan (Indigenous Peoples Festival) - the core of the Kadayawan Festival showcasing our indigenous peoples’ culture and arts.

Subay sa Lumadnong Kagikan (Contemporary Indigenous-motivated Celebrations) - showcases the impact of the indigenous culture and traditions to contemporary artists and communities.

The festival started from Aug.17-23. There are lots of activities prepared by the organizers. The highlighted part was the Indak-indak sa Kadalanan (Street dancing).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Varieties of Durian

One of the two common varieties found at different fruit stands in the city is Arancillo, which is also considered as one of the oldest varieties in Davao City. Arancillo, named after former BPI-PhilFruits director Vicente Arancillo, is considered as the best variety because of its delectable taste.

Found first in Catalunan Grande, Arancillo durian has a 30 percent edible portion but its drawback is its ripe fruits can easily be spoiled during continuous downpour.

The other common durian fruit found in fruit stands is Puyat. Unlike Arancillo, Puyat has a stable character that does not easily get rotten and still tastes luscious even during rainy season, the chief of BPI-PhilFruits Fruit Crop Section says. Its fruit may weigh as much as seven kilos and its tree can bear as many as 100 fruits.

Among the durian trees with high resistance to sickness are Chanee, Monthong, Lacson 1 and 2, and Karnyaw which all originated from Thailand.

Chanee, Loquias said, is the first variety to have spread among durian farmers, and which preceded the Arancillo. Its first fruits, he said, may taste like sweet potato but its sweet taste can be savored in its second and third fruiting.

Monthong, another durian variety, can also be found at BPI-PhilFruits field though only a few farmers are planting it. Loquias said Monthong once became popular but when it bore fruits, they conducted comparative analysis and found that the variety farmers claimed as Monthong was actually Soriano and Obusa durian which have not been recommended by BPI-PhilFruits for failing to meet the criteria set by the research center.

The Soriano durian, which originated from Kapalong, Davao del Norte, looks nice from the outside but when it matures, the bottom part of the fruit tends to rot until it opens up, inviting fruit flies.

Loquias said the Soriano durian tree at BPI-PhilFruits has been there for the past seven years but its fruit quality hasn't improved despite the care and fertilization they have given to the tree.

Mamer durian, known among Dabawenyos as native durian, is considered as the best native variety in Calinan. Named after Mamerto Fernandez, Mamer durian with a 25 percent edible portion is common in Barangays Serib and Dumalang in Calinan.

Another Calinan durian which is also registered as a variety with NSIC is Alcon Fancy. But this variety, with thicker flesh and edible portion reaching to 40 percent, rarely turns up in fruit stands as durian lovers usually buy them directly from farms that produce them like Alcon farms in Tugbok.

The other registered durian varieties are Atabrine (native) and Duyaya (Durian and Biyaya) which was named after farmer-scientist Severino Belviz of Calinan.

The other types of durian not yet in the market but are recommended by BPI-PhilFruits are Malaysian D101, Malaysian D24 and M-Dur 88 which are found sporadically in the Davao region.

Many for those who are first time to test or smell this fruit really don't like it but as when you used to taste it you really like this fruit. They said it smells like hell but taste like heaven. Once you taste it you will love and long for it.