Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Building a website through wordpress

Are you planning to set up your own site or blogs and looking for a host that is 100% free? Then, wordpress is the answer to that. Wordpress is one of the biggest blog sites in the world. It offers two services that are run out of two websites; the wordpress.com and the wordpress.org. Wordpress.com enables you to set up and create blogs on their website while wordpress.org enables you to download the wordpress software and set it up on your own hosting site. By using wordpress.com, you can set up your blogs in just a few minutes, search and communicate other blog users who use wordpress too. It has a nice and easy way to access complicated technology with less worry. It is free and no need to spend money for a blog. It is very simple and easy to use domain. By using wordpress.org; you can create your own domain name because it has software that you can use without restrictions. You can use different themes available in the internet in place for the default themes. And if you want more add-ons, you can download the software too but you need to have a good technical knowledge in the installation and configuration of the software. It also offers automatic installation which gives the best in hosting services. Like other software, wordpress has also a version; this is to ensure compatibility to other user.

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