Friday, September 12, 2008

Healthful Facts About Water

I would like to share this healthful fact of water and how important it is in our body. I got this from lone of the article in Of course we all know it but even if we know the importance of it in our body yet, we tend not to drink the required number of glasses, just because we dislike it. For one reason, it’s tasteless. Even I don’t really drink the minimum requirement of 8 glasses until I had my UTI which really requires me to drink more glasses to flush away the bacteria present.
Believe it or not, water is a micronutrient. Oprah doesn’t like it that much. However, she does admit that she takes it in almost every way presented: with lime, lemon, orange, and even flavored. What is it? It’s none other than water.
Not surprisingly, most of us share her impartiality to this liquid. The common reason given is that it’s a boring drink and quite tasteless. No doubt, we would appreciate a glass of water more if it’s a precious commodity. Since the earth is covered by ¾ water, however, we tend to disregards its uses. And what are these uses?
For one, water cleansed the body. Drinking water flushes out harmful toxins and substance from the body. You can see this in the healthy glow of individuals who take as much as 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. Although water breaks are a problem, the body soon manages to control water retention. Thus posing no problem to individual drinking lots of clear stuff.
Another reason why water is good is that it helps people lose weight. No, water doesn’t magically enable individuals to melt fat away. What water provides is that “full” feeling that helps individuals fights their craving for food.
Lastly, not a lot of people may know this, but water is considered a micronutrient. This is because it is essential in how individuals expend energy on a given day.
So drink water. It’s really good for you.

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