Thursday, January 22, 2009

Water Saving Tips

Let's do our part in conserving our water resources. Here are some practical tips.

1. Use only a glass of water when brushing teeth. Yup, keeping the faucet running while brushing one’s teeth wastes gallons of this precious liquid. Using only a glass of water will no doubt conserve a lot of water.

2. Use the reliable pail or tabo. Taking a bath? Well, don’t use the shower or the bath-tub just yet. Indeed, gallons of water are wasted when lounging about a tub or taking a quick douse. As DENR Sec. Elisea Gozun was quoted as saying, using a pail and the tabo is still one of the best ways of conserving water.

3. Recycle water. Use rice wash for watering plants in the garden. Although it’s environmentally questionable to use laundry water on plants, you can use the sudsy liquid in flushing toilets.

4. Place a brick in the water closet. Since most Philippine households do not yet have environment friendly water closets, why not place a brick instead inside the water compartment to raise the water level. This will reduce the water requirements of the good old w.c. Another trick is to fill a “litro” bottle with pebbles in lieu of the brick.

5. Serve water only when requested. Take a cue from restaurants and serve water only when requested by guests. Some people don’t like water and would rather take their liquids in the form of colas and juices. Chances are, when given the choice of water, some people would only take a sip, leaving most glasses still filled with the precious stuff.

6. Fix your faucet. Water waste may come in several forms—such as leaky faucets. Believe it or not, faucet leaks may waste as much as a half to a full gallon during the course of a day. Indeed, what a waste!

source: lutongbahay

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