Friday, January 16, 2009

Feng Shui Techniques to Enhance Your Wealth Sector

I've been subscribing this newsletter for more than a year now and somehow help or guide me to make my life better. We may not follow all that has been said but in some other way it will help us in doing the right directions. All of these are just guide, we also need the blessings from GOD together with hard work to achieve a better and prosperous year.

Clear the Clutter. If you have been following the last couple of newsletters, you HAD to know I would say this again! J Because clutter is said to block the flow of positive chi, you need to try and clear as much clutter out of your home as you can. This means things shoved under beds, in corners, etc. Believe me… I KNOW this works – if you clear the clutter and follow the other guidelines I give you, you should notice a difference! How about setting some things aside that you never use and never will use… and give them to charity? Or how about having a garage sale? Then… there is always Ebay!

Choose Your Colors Wisely. The element for the Southeast is Small Wood, so it is important that the colors in this area reflect that element. Wood element colors are Light green and brown. You may also use blue in this area because it is a water element color and water enhances the wood element. Be careful not to use metal or fire colors in this sector - such as metallic, gold, silver, bronze or red. If you do, use them sparingly and make sure that the item you are using has to do with Wealth and Prosperity if at all possible.

Object Placement in the Southeast Sector. It is important what pictures and objects that you have in this sector as they are said to directly influence your wealth and prosperity. If you have a lot of fire or metal items in this area, move them to a different sector such as the South (fire) or West and NW (metal). In this area, try to stay with items that symbolize wood as much as possible.

Here are some ideas of items that you can place in this area that represent Wealth and Prosperity and/or the Wood Element.

Woody, stalky plants or shrub like plants are good to represent the wood element in this sector. Plants such as Lucky Bamboo or Money Tree plants are excellent here!

We offer several wealth enhancement items that are best placed in this area. You may view all these items by going to: Wealth / Prosperity Enhancement Tools.

Place a set of 3 coins tied with red ribbon on the doorknob on the inside of your front door. This is symbolic of money staying in your home. Never put these coins on a back door – put them on the front door whether you use it as an entry door or not.

Hang a bell on the other side of your front door to welcome the positive chi into your home.

Place a statue of a Buddha directly across from your front door. In this position, he is said to welcome the positive chi and disburse it throughout your home. Do not place the Buddha on the floor as this is a sign of disrespect.

If you have a window in the Southeast, hang a beautiful crystal there or you can also hang one of our unique Prosperity Enhancing Chi Energizers which has six I-Ching Coins on it along with the large crystal. Crystals attract positive chi and are excellent items to use in your Wealth Sector.

Create a Wealth Vase. A wealth vase can be very simply made with a nice crystal bowl or vase and by placing items that represent wealth in it. Some items you may want to use could be coins, ingots, semi precious stones, expensive jewelry, etc. Keep this out of site in a drawer or cupboard as this is not supposed to be seen by others.

Set up a Terrapin Bowl in the Southeast or the North. Terrapins aka turtles are said to bring extreme good luck and fortune to a home. You can either use a real turtle or a ceramic one. You can find a small crystal bowl, place a mound of rocks or pebbles in it, add water, and place the turtle in it. Be creative… make it beautiful – and don’t forget to change the water periodically to make sure it is fresh.

Place a 3 legged money frog right inside your front door, facing into the house. I also have several smaller money frogs that I place under furniture and other inconspicuous places in my home. You may also put another one diagonally across from it - not facing the front door - but off to the left or right of the opposite wall that your front door is on.

Place a pair of Fu Dogs on either side of your front door as they are said to protect the family wealth.

Use Aromatherapy to create positive chi in this sector as well as to dispel any negative chi. I use essential oils DAILY in my Wealth Sector and I cannot recommend them strongly enough to use in your home!

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