Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What do you know about Ginger?

Medical researchers have discovered that ginger has a strong circulatory stimulant and vasodilator. It can lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Ginger also helps reduce chest congestion and is good expectorant and pulmonary antiseptic. It is effective in respiratory symptoms, coughs, fever, headache, colds and chills. A hot salabat can bring relief from those ailments. Ginger poultice can relieve joint swell and arthritic pain. Tonsilitis and toothaches can be remedied by a piece of ginger. In cases like sore throat, chew a piece of ginger till the sore is relieved. Ginger hot tea is also for abdominal pains and spasms. Travelers are advised to take one cup of ginger tea 30 minutes before the trip. For those suffering from seasickness bring along small pieces of ginger fro chewing. Chew ginger to prevent nausea and dizziness. And also relieves for those with migraine and headaches.
So aside from using ginger as spice it can also be used to heal physical ailments. It's just within our reach, very affordable and available anytime.

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