Saturday, April 18, 2009

A date with the Lord

I was away for three days because I have a very important date to a very special Someone to all... Jesus. First and foremost I really don't have the intention to joined the yearly retreat given to us by our company but there is really somebody pushing me to joined. So at the last minute I decided to joined. Unlike last year that we held it in Betania Retreat House Baguio City, now we held at St. Benedictine Retreat House, Ulas Davao City.
During the first day of the retreat while we are having our orientation, I already have somehow an idea of how our session will come along. My impression was boring, due to the fact that as compared last year the facilitator was so jolly but despite of what has been going Fr. Ruel Dela |Cruz, SSS our facilitator done his best to inspire us his sharing to us entitled as "Becoming an Easter People".
I was really struck to the topic about brokenness that even Jesus himself experienced brokenness when he was crucified to the cross which turn into a blessings for all humankind who were saved from sins. So my realization after a three days of knowing more about the works of God was despite of the brokenness we experienced in life we should be thankful about it because in the end there is a purpose why it happen and it become a blessings in a way God wants to, we just have to recognized it.

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