Friday, September 3, 2010

Something Fishy

Fish is the most preferred viand in every meal because it has a great source of protein and contains healthy fats that will help reduce cholesterol and improve health. It has omega 3 fatty acids that help keep the heart and even improve the mood of every person. That is why it is important to know the different ways of preparing fish and enhancing the flavor or creating a new way of cooking it. Though I’m not an expert cook but I see to it that the fish is tasty. I drop some herbs and mix together with sauces. Just tips for everybody, if the fish is not really fresh, add some lemon, lime or apple juice. Put some lemon juice on the fish or put a small amount of wine or vinegar to enhance the taste of the fish. If you are going to marinate a fish, you should always keep the fish in the refrigerator while it is marinating. The marinated sauce of the fish can be cooked as sauce of the fish. Fish can be fried in many ways. Try adding both butter and oil to vary the taste. Dust the fish with flour or breadcrumbs as in my case I put some ground garlic before frying or dip in beaten egg and sprinkle some herbs such as parsley.

Enjoy eating!

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