Thursday, September 23, 2010

Durian, Durian, Durian!

abundant supply!

open up!

so yummy!

The province of Davao is known throughout the world as the capital city of durian. Visiting Davao is always a treat. It never ceases to amaze every visitors coming because of the fruits it served. People here are so delight because of the unending supply of the durian fruit staring from the month of June up to the present. You can see everywhere and anywhere in the streets people who are selling durian fruits which are so affordable. This year is the most blessed year because of the abundant supply of the fruit that ranges from P15-30 per kilo depending on the variety. Have you tried tasting it? Well, they say “Once you have tasted durian, you will never leave Davao” That seems to be true to people like me who find joy in eating the pale yellow flesh with creamy custard like texture and very sweet taste that comes from the hard thorny rind. Others even said that “It smells like hell but tastes like heaven”, which is true because it is even banned in hotels and public transportation like airplanes because of its foul smell but to tell you once you tasted it you will crave for more.

If you don’t like to eat the fresh, people in Davao created various recipes with its main ingredient is the durian flesh. They are already available in the market like durian candy, durian pie, durian ice cream, and durian cappuccino. There is a secret way to wash away the smell of your hands after eating durian. You wash your hands with the durian seed to get rid of the smell.


Ignatius n Adelina said...

When I drop by your blog, the topic on durian capture my attention. Singaporean is crazy over this king of fruit. If you are in SG, try it out!

zai said...

its everyone favorites all over south east asia...even durian got stuffed inside chocolates nowadays...