Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Metal Rabbit

The Year of the Metal Rabbit is said to be a good time for love and business prospects, as well as challenges. “Since the rabbit is known for its prolific ability to reproduce, 2011 will be a romantic year and it will also be good for our economy,” according to Aldric Dalumpines aFilipino-Chinese feng shui master and geomancer.

Here are general ways to attract luck using feng shui:

1. Lucky colors include champagne gold, white being the home color of metal, and sugar-apple green, which represents wood that acts as a shield and balances the intensity of metal, as in chopping a wood with an ax. Wearing shirts or dresses in this color would attract good luck and love.

2. To attract good luck for the year especially those that are unlucky this year, to put a pair of pi yao in the office or at home. A piece of pi yao represented by a dragon statue could be placed facing the east and its back on the west; for a pair, put one facing the east and another one facing the west.

3.Others could also use clothing or bags with the symbol of the dragon or wear a silver aruana ring for universal luck. This could be seen in some malls in Manila already decorated their entrances with dragons.

Whether you are lucky or unlucky for this year, all we have to do is to work hard and always be vigilance in everything that we do in order to keep ourselves safe. All of these are just beliefs, what is important is our faith and trust to God together with hard work.

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