Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Importance of Mobile Marketing in a Business

Cellphone is one of the most important gadgets that every person is in possession right now. It becomes a necessity for some people because they cannot detach themselves from their cellphones. They cannot go out without having their cellphones inside their pockets or bags. Technology is so fast, cellphones are not only for texting and calling but all the activities which can be done in the internet can now be done through a cellphone which can be of great help to people engaged in small and large scale businesses. That is why Cellit Mobile Marketing comes in and develops mobile programs for people in the business world. They will install programs and tools on your phone to create easy and fast conversation between clients and owners. Some of the applications that they are providing to their clients are the mobile app, mobile coupons, mobile marketing, mobile phone marketing, sms marketing, text message crm, text message marketing and mobile crm, where of course depending on the need of the clients. Through this programs, the business owners can monitor sales, generate reports, and can think of possible strategies to increase their sales in a short given period of time.

Cellit Mobile Marketing is a member of the Mobile Marketing Association and they are manned with highly expertise engineers. They began creating more programs and platforms which are now use by global firms like, IKEA, For Rent Magazine, heart Corporation, Subway, KFC, Zumiez, the city of Las Vegas and many other companies in the world. The company keeps on developing more mobile platforms and custom solutions to mobilize customer to better served their clients and achieved customer satisfaction of the programs. Recently, they develop the CouponZap. This is a mobile campaign system for restaurants, bars and nightclubs. This will enables company owners to launch mobile coupons, schedule mobile campaigns and send appointment reminders or text alerts directly to the customer. The system is easy to use and the users are provided reporting tools to show the effectiveness of the campaigns and how much is the return of investment upon using the mobile marketing tool. Another useful system they have developed was the house4cell or the text-for-info real estate system. The system will send details on the details of the property like the pricing information, square footage, and photos directly to the homebuyer’s cellphone. Buyers are even given the opportunity to receive flyer through email or fax or to be contacted by the real estate agent directly.

To know more about Cellit Mobile Marketing, they are located in Chicago with sales and support offices in Phoenix, AZ, St. Louis, MO and soon they will have their new office located at Bentoville, AK. Company owners are invited to try this latest innovation in running a business through mobile marketing. Grab this chance to increase sales and monitor profit in just a click.


Diamond R said...

i can't imagine life with out mobile phone in this time.

Cellit said...


I'm asking on behalf of my employer, Cellit, to please remove this post from your site.


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