Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Out of Town Trip

To my fellow bloggers and friends in the blogging community, maybe you are wondering that I was very silent (no postings and chat either in the shoutmix) for the past six days, it's because I was out of town to accompany our recruitment team and conducted entrance exams for incoming freshmen to Surallah, Banga and Marbel South Cotabato. I had a good experienced to the place. In fact I had gained extra pounds(lol) because we ate a lot. Actually we're back in Davao City on Sunday night and had my rest day on Monday. I supposed to work on Tuesday but I need to accompany my mother to the doctor for checked-up. And on Wednesday it was declared by the President as non-working holiday to pay respect for the burial of President Corazon Aquino who passed away last August 1, 2009. So, it was indeed a long vacation for me. I need to double time for the missing days for my blog hopping. I need to have my droppings now.

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