Friday, November 20, 2009

Hints for a Healthy and Lasting Marriage

Many people would describe a satisfying and fulfilling marriage of 53 years as amazing in this day. Yet, the truth is that any couple can have an amazing marriage. The key is paying attention to the little things that keep love alive. Below are some of the hints to a happy marriage:

1. Apologize frequently- knowing when one is wrong and promptly apologizing for the offensive action. Don't hesitate to express an apology if your words, attitudes were wrong.
2. Take up residence in someone else's point of view. Means learning to listen. Provide opportunity and freedom for your partner to express his/her opinion without interruption.
3. Pray for your partner. Always include your partner in your prayers and ask God to bless him.
4. Keep a sense of humor. Lighten and brighten your marriage by maintaining a sense of humor.
5. Talk regularly. No matter how busy you are set aside at least 20 minutes a day.
6. Be loyal.
7. Expand your joy level. Remind yourself not to let the pace of life constrict your level of joy and pleasure together.
8. Always to be courteous and considerate. Continue to treat your partner as though it was your first date.
9. Educate yourself about love. Consider your idealism into a practical, workable reality by educating yourself about love.

Entering into a marriage life is not a easy task. It is a lifetime vocation and it needs a lot of adjustment and sacrifice in order to achieve a longer marriage with happy and harmonious living.

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