Thursday, November 26, 2009

Water Saving Tips

Water is considered as one of the basic necessity for human beings to exist and survive. That is why we need to save water. Saving water will not only help us save money, we also contribute to the protection of our environment. Below are some tips on saving water.

1. Reuse the water. We can use the water at home repeatedly. For example, we can use the water from the washing machine for watering plants or flowers, cleaning the garage and cleaning the toilet.

2. Reduce the number of using water. Schedule the number of days to wash clothes like three times a week in order to minimize usage of water and as well save money by reducing also the use of detergent. Tips also in washing, start from small things and white clothes this is to improve the efficiency of water use.

3. Get rid of bad habits of using water. Sometimes we don't mine that the faucet is halfway open and dropping some amount of water in exchange of watching tv, answering the phone or whatever activities.

4. Don't throw tissues or some materials to the toilet bowl because it causes clogging and will need more water when flushing.

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