Friday, March 18, 2011

Thank You So Much!

Blogging has been my favorite hobby. Whenever I’m free from work, I immediately visit my site and post articles. It’s not easy to maintain a blog because you need to spend time thinking on what to post. You have to do research in order to support the topic that you are talking about. You need to visit other’s blog site in order to gain popularity and be rank by google which is very important so that your blog will have the chance to be accepted by advertiser. But most of all it’s fun and it enhances my knowledge about what’s happening in and outside the country through the blogsphere. It’s fun also because I am earning $$$$ too which motivates me to do more updating of my site. Recently I never expect to receive payment from this site ( I still did not reach the minimum payout but to my surprise after receiving an email from them it says that I can withdraw even if it did not reach the minimum payout. So I click the withdraw button and they immediately send my $$$ through paypal. It was so timely because today is my birthday and I need cash (lol). That is why I would like to thank,, and for giving me tasks for review and eventually paid me for doing so. I hope they will give me more tasks. Above all I would like to thank God, who is the source of my strength and knowledge to do these things and for giving me another year.

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