Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zodiac Predictions for the Year of the Dragon

Based on the Chinese Calendar, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon and it could be seen as the year of Empowerment. According to Cathy Cox, the author of the Website: www.origin-psychics.com/Psychic-Readers/cathy-cox.html that “It’s time for us all to re-examine our paradigms, old beliefs and attitudes and let go of anything which doesn’t suit any longer. There are going to be many opportunities for us – it’s time to grab them and take a few calculated risks, if you want to make the most of the Dragon energy all around”.

Below are the Zodiac Predictions for the year of the Dragon.

Dragon: It’s your year – the time to finish things off that need to go, and to take risks with things you’ve been wanting to start for a while. The time could not be more positive for you! The only thing to watch out for is not to be over confident! You don’t want to get totally carried away!! This is shaping up to be a passionate, vibrant year for you in love. The Dragon year loves celebrations – are you ready to make that commitment? Are you single – be ready to be swept off your feet! All in all, you’ve got a great year ahead! 

Rat: This year is looking great for you Rats – just avoid extremes in any direction and you’ll be fine. Communication, networking, and generally getting out and about will lead you in the best possible ways to all that your heart desires. This is a great year for romance and relationships to blossom for you. Take a bit of a risk and you won’t regret it.

Ox: Things could feel a little wild for you this year – for the most part, stay with what is tried and true for you. In particular, stay true to yourself. Avoid anything too reckless or spontaneous. Your initiatives and changes just need to be well-timed this year. Mingle, socialise – be outgoing because this is the year for you to take a few risks with love. You’ll have no problem making a commitment when the time is right this year.

Tiger: You might not like everything about a Dragon year, but it’s still a really favourable time for you Tigers. Choose your initiatives wisely, and you’ll have a fantastic year. It’s a time to be active, be bold, and follow your dreams. Your love life will get a fantastic boost this year! Changes are likely, and if you stay in charge of your emotions, they’ll be positive ones.

Rabbit: Well the pace of this year won’t be as comfortable as last year was for you Rabbit, but it’s still shaping up to be a year for great achievements. The key for you will be timing – take your initiatives, plan your celebrations, and get out into the world when your instinct tells you it’s the right time. The Dragon loves passion – you’ll need to take your time though as it could burn out quickly. Hang on tight and you’ll enjoy the ride!

Snake: The Dragon year looks great for you Snakes! It’s time for you to take steps in new directions – be a little bit more bold and daring than you’d normally allow yourself to be. Joy, fun, enthusiasm are all available to you for most of this year! You’ll accomplish a great deal if you let yourself be daring. Your love life is entering a new phase this year. Excitement, passion and breakthroughs are all likely this year. 

Horse: Try new things this year; let go of restraint. This is a time for you to go for it! Channel your energy and enthusiasm in a focused way and you’ll achieve a great deal of success and happiness this year. Make clear decisions in your love life this year. It’s ‘make or break’ time. Make a commitment one way or another and you’ll be much happier.

Sheep: The Dragon is going to get you moving this year! It might feel a bit hectic at times, but there are some great opportunities around for you. This will be a year to take some new initiatives, but with the view of your longer term goals for the coming years. This is a wonderful year to really follow your heart – resist the temptation to play it safe!

Monkey: This is shaping up to be an unbelievably positive year for you Monkeys! It’s the time to act on the dreams you’ve been secretly nourishing for a while now. Exercise just a little restraint, and you won’t go wrong this year! It’s time for your love life to move full steam ahead! Passionate times, and deep joy with your lover.

Rooster: This will be a much more free-flowing year than last year for you Roosters. Use your discernment, and time things carefully, and you’ll have a great year. Focus particularly on networking and communication, and there will be plenty of happy synchronicities along the way! In your love life, you need to make space for romance. It could be a beautifully passionate year if you remember to make time for love!

Dog: In a Dragon year, timing is incredibly important for you. Plan your important events and initiatives with care. Go with the flow as much as possible. You’ll set some incredibly strong foundations during this year if you watch for the best opportunities and pounce when you can. Are you clear now about what you want in your relationship? Be patient and success will come in your love life.


Pig: The Rabbit year was favourable for you, but this year is likely to be even better! You might find the pace a little much at times, but if you can go with it, you’ll achieve some wonderful things. This is the year to ‘get real’ in your love life. Be as honest as you can, first with yourself, and then with your lover. 

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