Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who is telling the Truth?

We've heard over the radio and seen on tv the hottest issue that our government in the leadership of Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is facing right now which is the ZTE Broadband Scandal. The issue makes the people divided into groups, some believes in the testimony of the witness Mr. Rodolfo Jun Lozada Jr., others to the government side. The question that clings to my mind is "Who is really telling the truth?". All of them are making defensive statements to escape from the issue. What will happen to our economy?. Our legislators are focusing on the issue and forget the biggest issue in our country which is the economic crisis (poverty, unemployment, etc.) that we are experiencing right now. How this issue will end? Just like other issues in the past which also involved government officials but lost, died that's why many people are confused that this new issue will also be like with the other issue that die in silence. Will Edsa People Power can help?
My stand for this issue is that what has been started should have an end and those who are sinners must face the trial and be punished, so that they will become an example and in this way graft and corruption can be minimized.

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