Friday, April 18, 2008

The Day of Our Departure

Everyone was so excited including me of course because the day of our departure to our much awaited venue of our retreat has come which was in Baguio City. I already packed up my things to bring in my luggage. I set up my alarm clock at 3:45 am to prepare myself in going to the airport. My two companions already texted and called up because they too were excited. So I rode up a taxi and fetched them. At last we arrived at the airport, almost of our officemates were there already at the check-in counter. We deposited our baggage and went up at the departure lounge waiting for the time. A few moments later we were called to enter the plane. Everyone was so excited especially for the first timer to ride a plane; they were curious and observant to the people around and to the feelings inside the plane. We departed from Davao airport at exactly 7:30 and at exactly 9:15 we arrived at the Centennial airport in Manila. In a few moments the bus that would bring us to Baguio City arrived but the excitement and happiness turned into loneliness because one of our officemate lost her baggage. The airport personnel cannot locate it. We waited for almost 3 hours but the baggage cannot be located. She was already crying and so we decided to proceed to our way to Baguio City and we just let her borrowed clothes and other belongings to be used for the retreat. It was already 7:30 pm when we arrived in Betania Retreat House Baguio City. The Sisters were waiting for us. The weather was so cold and we have to wear our jacket to warm ourselves. We took up our dinner and after a brief orientation of the house rules, we went up to our respective room to rest and prepare for the first day of our Retreat. Despite of what happened to us along the way God is always with us because we arrived safe.


AlRitch said...

Wow, hanep naman. Baguio jud? ehhehehehe..

rosey said...

correct jud, super lamig talaga doon, pero pagdating sa manila super init pud... hay. kumusta naka work naka? wala naka naga online?