Monday, May 26, 2008

The Wonders of Marriage

Marriage is a sacred vow between man and a woman before the eyes of God and binded by the law of land. It has it's up and downs just like riding a roller coaster. But this roller coaster ride can be made straight by following the following tips.

1. Don't nag. Nagging accomplishes nothing. It only widens the gap between you and your husband. no husband ever appreciates a nagging wife.
2. Believe. - Let your husband feel he can be trusted. This is very hard to do, especially when you believe otherwise. Yet, doing so will make him feel good. he will love you more for it. Nothing hurts a husband's ego than when he feels his own wife does not trust him.
3. Accept. - Accept his strenght as awell as his weaknesses. Praise him for accomplishments and support him during his low moments. When you decide to marry him, you did not marry just a part of him but all of him.
4. Love Yourself. - When you love yourself, you can have enough love to share with your husband. Loving one's self means, among other things, taking care of your health, practicing healthy hygiene, making yourself attractive for your husband.
5. Be Pleasant. - Be pleasant to come home to. A husband may tolerate a messy home, but never a quarrelsome wife.
6. Talk. - never assume. Talk things over. This practice allows one to see through each one's perspective, eventually reaching a compromise.
7. Listen. - Talking accomplishes nothing, however, if neither listens. Before exploding into a barrage of words, listen. It will give you the chance to understand and digest what your partner wants to convey.
8. Forgive and Forget. - Be ready to forgive your mate for his misgivings. Forgiveness lightens your heart and gives you the freedom to start anew with your mate.
9. Share. - When you share your thoughts and feelings, it makes it possible for both of you to know each other better and get to understand each other more.
10. Be a vegetarian. - This may sound weird and out of context but science shows that high intake of flesh food causes irritability and ill temperament. Thus eliminate or limit your meat intake of flesh foods for cooler heads.
11. Study God's Word and pray /together. - Doing this will enhance your relationships with each other and with God. Commiting your lives to God can be sure of a fulfilling and satisfying married life.
12. Trust God. - You will find it easier to trust your mate completely if you trust God first. with God thre is nothing to fear.

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