Friday, May 16, 2008

At the Philippine Military Academy Camp

One of the destinations of our tour in Baguio City was at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). And gosh before reaching that place you have to pass by those curved roads though cemented but most of us were drowsy, fainted and even vomited because of the intestine looked-like roads. I just thanked the Lord that upon reaching the PMA Camp for an hour travels, I still feel comfortable. We enjoyed taking pictures of the different view of the Camp. The Camp was so wide that you will really get tired walking from both ends. We have witnessed the formation of the PMA students and have pictures with them.
As we kept on walking along the street around the Camp we heard a whistle from a guard but we did not mind it because we did not expect that we were the one whistled. We were crossing the other side of the street that time wherein the guard pointed to us not to cross because we have to use the pedestrian line. That’s how disciplined was being imposed in that place that all visitors should follow. We just laughed and say sorry to the guard. At least we knew that pedestrian lines are not only for public streets.
They also have beautiful garden filled with blooming flowers. We really enjoyed roaming around the Camp and taking pictures.

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