Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When Sex Hurts?

Sex is design by God for creation. Sex is fun and pleasure but for some people it can be painful. Most women find it difficult even embarrassing to admit pain during sex. When sex is less than comfortable, it doesn't necessarily mean you're abnormal. There are many reasons why sex is painful. The medical term for pain during or after sexual intercourse is called Dyspareunia. It is not a disease but merely a symptom of an underlying condition. There are two kinds of pain.
a. Superficial Pain - This is the pain you feel when your genitals are touched or even during initial penetration. Below are the common causes:
1. Vaginal Dryness: Lack of lubrication is often caused by inadequate foreplay. To avoid this problem it is suggested to lengthen your foreplay to ensure you get aroused before intercourse. It is important that you talk to your partner about what you need.
2. Menopause: Most middle-aged women are affected by a decrease in female sex hormones particularly estrogen which causes the vaginal wall to thin and dry out.
3. Infections: Vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases cause inflammation of the vaginal wall which can cause also pain. If this occur it is advisable to consult your doctor regarding the problem.
4. Previous Injury: This commonly expereince by mothers due to previous childbirth.
5. Allergy: The vulva may become inflammed as an alergic reaction to the latex in condoms, spermicides or douches. It is suggested that you have to switch or choose an alternative method of birth control.
b. Deep Pain - The pain occurs during deep penetration. It can caused by the following conditions.
1. Endometriosis: This is a fairly common disorder wherein there is an abnormal growth of the tissues lining the uterus wall. Treatment for this is to avoid very deep penetration. Much better have ses one to two weeks before ovulation.
2. Ovarian Cyst
3. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: An infections in the pelvis transmitted sexually.
4. Vaginismus: Some women experience severe, involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles before or during penetration. This cause by fear of being hurt. This is usually a result from a restrictive upbringing or have a background of trauma or sexual abuse.
5. Cancer: a middle-aged woman who suddenly develops pain for the first time is suspicious for either cervical or uterine cancer.
If you expereince pain during intercourse, tell your partner about it and seek his support to abstain from sex until you can get professional help. Because is not only for the pleasure of one it should be both partner.

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