Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At Mines View Park, Wright Park and The Mansion

After we took our breakfast, our first stop was to Mines View Park. There were lots of people during that time because it was a holiday. Along the way to the park, there were stores selling souvenirs from Baguio. And upon reaching to the entrance, a huge statue of a tribe where you can took pictures but you must give donation maybe for the maintenance of the park. There were also stores inside the park in which they said that before there were not there. Now the essence of the park was gone and it looked like a palengke. Another income generation of the people there was a horse and a St. Bernard Dog where you can took pictures but you have to pay P10-20 per shots. For me, I just passed them by; I went over the whole park. At the end of it, since it’s an overlooking site you could saw trees and rocks and heard cracking of stones, maybe it was the mining itself. On the other side of the park, you could found tribal costumes and you could wear it but pay for it before you could took pictures. Since we were only given 30 minutes to roamed around the park, We then left and our 2nd stop was at Wright Park, It’s a usual park the only difference was there were planted with pine trees and at the other side of it was The Mansion. The place where Pres. Gloria Arroyo would stay when she would visit Baguio, but people were not allowed to get inside the house, picture taking were only allowed outside and inside the gate

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