Friday, June 20, 2008

The Benefits of Kangkong

Kangkong though called swamp cabbage or water spinach, is not really a cabbage or a spinach. It grows practically everywhere- in ditches, ponds and dry land. Kangkong comes in varieties ranging from purple-stemmed ones with narrow leaves to white-stemmed ones with broad leaves. It is usually used as an ingredient in sinigang, salad, adobo and other apetizing dishes. Has a good source of carotene which in turn, can be converted to vitamin A by the body. It is beneficial especially to persons with hypertension. It helps eliminate fatty deposits in the alimentary canal that would otherwise lodge in the blood vessels. Kangkong is often neglected by people especially thsoe who are living in cities but knowing now the benefits that we can get from this plant. So start eating kangkong now and get the benefits it has rather than buying vitamins from drugstores wherein it is expensive.

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ces said...

i am a hypertensive person and hyperuricemia. is good to eat kangkong?