Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fire Safety in the Home

Every year or even every month, more than 100 Filipinos die in fires and thousands suffer with the loss of house and valuables and hundreds are injured. If a fire occurs in your home, your chances of survival will depend on how quickly and safely you are able to get out. Just recently one of the barangay in Davao City was ruined by fire due to some reasons. Most frequent reasons of fire are faulty wirings, candle left unattended, gas leaking and etc. So that we will not be a victim of fire every individual should know on how to prevent a fire and how to protect oneself should one occur. Here are some safety tips which could help to prevent fire at home.
1. Eliminate fire hazards through good housekeeping. Dispose waste paper, rubbish and other flammable materials regularly.
2. Keep matches out of children's reach.
3. Lighted oil or gas lamps and candles should be placed away from curtains. Put put the flame before going to bed.
4. Do not keep flammable materials like gasoline, alcohol and paint inside the house.
5. Check your electrical installatios regularly.
6. Do not overload electrical circuits by putting additional lights and appliances.
7. Blown fuses should not be replaced with coins, wires or any metal.
8. Never leave a lit cigarette/cigar/pipe unattended. It may fall on flammable materials which could start a fire.
9. Keep a first-aid kit in handy.
10. Never fill a pan more than one-third full of fat or oil.
11. Never leave tha pan unattended while cooking.
12. Never put the food in the pan if the oil begins to give off smoke. Turn off the heat and leave the oil to cool. If the pan catches fire turn off the heat. Cover the pan with a damp cloth. Never ever throw water onto the fire.

I hope this safety tips somehow help each one of us to prevent fire.

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