Friday, June 27, 2008

Tragedy in the Sea

Just a week ago some parts of the Philippine archipelago experienced a strong typhoon name “Frank”. The typhoon leaved a very disastrous and even took away lives of hundreds of people. The most fatal one was the sunken ship of M/V Princess of the Stars owned and managed by Sulpicio Lines. A tragic incident that killed hundreds of people and until now the authorities can’t still determine how many are the survivors and how many are dead out of the eight hundred crews and passengers of the ship. The coast guard told that it will take them month to retrieve bodies inside the ship since they will not be able to get into the entrance and exit of the ship because it is blocked. They can see dead bodies inside but they are tangled by the wirings of the ship. Some are hoping for possible survivor inside the ship for there are spaces of the ship that can provide them for shelter. I hope God will have a miracle that there are still survivors inside and the retrieval team will be given a signs for life of the sunken ship.
I just hope that the relatives of the passengers will be able to accept the tragedy and go on with their normal life, though it’s painful but we can never foresee when God will take our lives. The point is that we should always be ready for anything that will happen in our lives and most importantly we should not forget to “PRAY”.

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