Monday, June 23, 2008

Proud Mom

Classes has just begun and everyone is busy especially the parents in preparing for the food for the children who are going to school. Being a mother is not really an easy task. I already have a student now she is still in her junior kinder level but since her school is so far from our house I really have to wake up early everyday to prepare everything. You have to be patient in waking her up, since there are times when she doesn’t get up from the bed because she’s still feeling sleepy. You have to give some convincing words so that she will get out from bed. Despite of those sacrifices everyday all of them will be out of my mind since she is doing well in school. Of course in her first one week she cried because of adjustment to the environment and fear. But as time passed she already adjusted and participated in the classroom activities. I feel so happy and proud of course as a mother when she showed a star on her arm because she participated in class and talked what they are doing in class wherein she participated and get involved in the activity. All of my tiredness is gone because my little child is doing well in school and I am proud of it. I hope she will continue her performance as the school ends.

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