Sunday, August 17, 2008

My First Vehicular Accident

Every seconds of our life really counts, because we never know what will happen to us anytime. I never expect this to happen in my life, it’s really my first time ever. It happened last July 27, 2008 at 7:28 in the morning. We were on our way home from Bankerohan; we were riding a motorcycle with my husband and daughter when a taxi cab suddenly had a U-turn which made us bumped into it. We felt into the road. As if I was out of the world for a second since I don’t know what happened next, what was my position when I felt down, all I remembered was when I was helped by my husband to stand up, my lips was bleeding my left knee was bleeding also, my child was crying and she had contusion on her head, my husband had a bruise on his right arm. Thanks be to God those were the only injuries that we had. We were brought to Davao Medical Hospital for check up and treatment. Though my injury was a little bit small but it was so painful even up to this time because it was on the knee. I was advice by the doctor to rest for 1 week. I really suffered the pain, I can’t walked properly even I took up already medicines and antibiotics. I was only healed by boiled guava leaves as cleansing. I can really testify the effectiveness of a guava leaves for cuts and wounds as cleansing because for about 2-3 days of using it, my wounds was healed.
Up to this time I cannot imagine myself having a vehicular accident. There are “what if” questions at the back of my mind and it makes me tremble whenever I remember the incident.

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