Friday, October 2, 2009

Play Aion Online


Have you heard about AION? Maybe some knows about it. Actually it’s my first time to meet this word but it’s not just a word, it’s an online game. To know more about this online game, below are the steps on how to get started.

  1. Register or create an account. After creating you can now access or login to your account.
  2. Server Selection. At this point, the screen will display the server name, characters and status.
  3. Select Race. This is the most important step of the game. Once you choose your race for a particular server, you can only create characters of that race on that server. If you wish to change or venture to other side, you need to choose a different server. And characters of the previous server can be deleted to start a new race.
  4. Select Class. It is displayed on the screen and you just have to choose one of them.
  5. Create Character. In this step options will be displayed on the screen for you to choose. When you’re satisfied and happy of the character you created, then it’s time to start playing the game.

So friends try this game now and have fun.


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