Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Saints Day Celebration

Are you ready for the Halloween? During my childhood days, I observed from my parents and relatives that they give so much time for it. It goes with a nine days novena for the souls which would end on November 1. And they really went to the cemetery to visit the graved of relatives and friends. Maybe it was already the tradition and they just followed what has been started. They believed that on this day the ghosts walked and mingled with the living. Aside from the souls, the devils, witches and other assorted monsters and goblins are believed to be at the peak of their supernatural powers. (Scary……..) Is it really true? Well, it might be true or not we, the living should pray for this very important day for all the souls in purgatory. In this way we can help their souls find peace wherever they are.

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

November 1st was always the time that all the family gathers together. It was kinda like a family reunion to us.