Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get Protected and Earn As Well At Club 100

There a lot of networking business around the corner. They offer of course good and fabulous benefits which everybody are inclined to joined the business. But the problem is they are having a very high investment. I've already attended several business opportunity meetings and found it good and even joined some of them. Due to its high monthly purchase requirement in order to earned I was not able to get any payout.
Luckily, I was invited by my office mate to joined this business, actually not just a business but an insurance as well. You are insured and at the same time insured with a minimum investment of P100.00 a year. Not bad of course!. Being a member you will have the benefits of:
P25,000- accidental death and disablement
P5,000-unprovoked murder or assault,
P1,000-accident reimbursement,
P2,500-burial assistant
Aside from those benefits as member you have the opportunity to enjoy the rewards program they have which is the direct endorsement reward point system up to the 6th level. All you have to do is to invite people and encourage them to sign up. I was happy to say that I withdraw my first payout last October 20, (not really that huge amount) but less effort exerted I just invited one person and that person invited also, that is why I generated points with an equivalent peso value.
For more information you can leave your comment here for further details of the business. So I am inviting you to join Club 100 and get protected while earning as well.

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Diamond R said...

what is this all about. can please tell me.