Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Online Bingo

I have experienced playing bingo some years ago and I enjoyed playing this game. You feel excited as the numbers are drawn and much to the numbers on your card and be the first to complete the pattern required and shout the word “BINGO”. Though I haven’t played the online game but there’s no different at all when it comes to the mechanics of the game. It is only that online bingo is played on the internet. In bingo halls they are using balls with corresponding numbers to be drawn, in online bingo sites they use a random number generator.
One notable feature of online bingo is you can chat and interact with other players. Online bingo halls usually offer online casino games as well as the bingo, but the actual bingo play works almost exactly like playing online poker or online casino games. Isn’t it exciting? Hm....mmmm. I guess so. I hope I can try and experience the same excitement.

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Anonymous said...

I love playing online bingo and have been playing ever since I started university, I have been lucky a few times and had a few wins which have financed my personal life!! Its weird though when I recommend it to mates they don’t seem interested in playing, I think some people still see bingo as an old ladies hobby.