Sunday, July 5, 2009

Are you Overloading your Stomach?

How do you spell relief? If you are a Filipinos you spell it P E S O S and D O L L A R S if you are an Americans. It’s because you spend so much on pills and potions just to relieve an angry stomach. A better way would be is: to stop overloading your stomach and give the rest it needs.

How does your stomach protest?
______ Never
______ Several times a year
______ Several times a month
______ Weekly
______ Every day

If you frequently have indigestion or an upset stomach, and your doctor has rule out more serious problems, it may be your eating habits that are causing your grief.

Try answering the following questions with Yes or No.

______1. Do you have regular eating times?

Your body thrives on a regular schedule, not only of eating, but of waking, sleeping and exercise. So you must have to follow your schedule of meal, not in advance not too late. Be on time.
______ 2. Do you often eat between meals?

When new food shows up in a stomach that is already working, digestion must slow down until the system deals with the new arrival. A stomach needs time to finish digesting the first batch of foods you intake.
______ 3. Are your meals spaced four to five hours apart?

Spacing meals several hours apart allows the stomach to work at its own pace. Food from one meal is completely digested before the next one arrives.
______ 4. Do you drink coffee?

Coffee, even decaf, contains substances that can irritate the lining of the stomach. Too much of this substance can send your stomach into rebellion.
______ 5. Do you eat right before going to bed?

The stomach, like the rest of your body, needs rest. A meal or snack late in the evening forces it to work. So it’s a big No having snacks late at night because the stomach is already resting.

So the challenge is give your stomach a break by spacing meals further apart. Do not interrupt the digestive cycle with in between snacks or meals not on time because it will sweeten the disposition of a cranky stomach.

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