Friday, July 3, 2009

Choosing the Right Blogging Software on your Blog

I’ve been into blogging since July of 2007. It started when one of my officemate told me if I want extra money while working. I said yes of course. Then she told me I will tell my student to teach you how. Then one afternoon a student approached me. She explained and made an account, choose a template, and add some links for the sidebar and many other things she did to make my site looked beautiful. She even told her earnings through this work. First two weeks of working on it, there was eagerness in myself but since I am dependent on her on what to do next because I really don’t know how it was to be done, so I stopped. Until December of 2007 she approached me again if I continue blogging I said “I stopped because I don’t know”. She said, you should continue because it pays your hard work, just post anything that you want. Beautify your site. I kept her advised and explore how and what’s beyond.
The first thing I did was to explore on how to change my template that suits what I want my site to be. I kept on changing because some blogs were really beautiful and I asked myself where and how they made it. Through exploring and surfing in the internet I learned that there are sites offering free downloadable template for blogs. But I was afraid to do it because it might destroy my site. And besides if I want to customize the look and functionality of the blog, knowledge of CSS, PHP, HTML, installation of files on the hosting server, and advanced knowledge of computer administration is best. Since I was afraid to download templates I just added some plugins and widgets because there are also tons of plugins and widgets that can be added to the blogger software. Plugins and widgets enhanced functionality and are used for design elements, gadgets, videos and images, and different content for the blog.
Some popular plugins are use to reduce spam in the blog comments, categorize and tag blog posts, generate site maps, contact forms, and different money making plugins such as Google Adsense ads and other affiliate programs for the blog. But no matter, what design templates or blogging software you are using as long as you are updating and posting your site with good information and most important is building traffic by way of joining and visiting other blog sites. Then you will find that blogging is ended fun and can be a source of extra money in your pocket. It adds learning too.

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