Monday, July 4, 2011

Harmful Effects of Anger To Our Well-Being and Health

Most of us feel angry a few times a week and as many as feel angry daily, according to the Anger Research Consortium. That is whether reacting to unfairness, defending for ourselves, seeking solution for which we are frustrated with; anger changes the image of our being. Anger’s power over us makes it difficult to control. That is why when anger gets over us and we feel out of control and we seem scary to others, it’s natural to suffer the consequences, which includes serious impacts on relationships, health, work performance and most of all the quality of life.
When does anger cross the line from being a useful system fro protecting ourselves to becoming harmful? That is when it affects our ability to function well in our daily life and even hurts our health, relationships and job.
Below are some of the examples when Anger becomes harmful:
  • You get angrier than the situation calls for
  • You can’t cool off quickly, making it hard to move on
  • You feel angry all the time or many times a day
  • You’re not always sure why you’re angry, or with whom
  • You have a ‘hair trigger’ response and find yourself angry with those closest to you for very little reason
  • You turn to physical or verbal aggression
  • You lose jobs, friends, or intimate relationships because of your anger
  • You turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with feeling angry
It is important to retain and learn to express and manage your anger safely. Otherwise may harm someone else or yourself.

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