Friday, February 22, 2008

The Five-Year Old at School


Skills Kids Need to Begin Kindergarten
1. Go to the bathroom independently
2. Button and zip clothes independently
3. Pay attention to a story
4. Listen to authority figure and follow instructions
5. Play with other children appropriately
6. Hold a pencil and cut with scissors
7. Talk in complete sentences using intelligible speech
8. Recognize most letters, shapes, and numbers to ten
9. Sort and count up to five objects
10. Recognize and identify some letter and phonic sounds

What Kindergarteners Learn
1. Attention and social skills for large and small group interaction
2. Songs, poems, and stories
3. Beginning phonics, letter, and sight word recognition
4. Oral language skills, both comprehension and expression
5. Write all the letters and her name using proper capitalization
6. Write with 'inventive' spelling
7. Know his address and phone number
8. Sorting, classifying, and counting with manipulative sets
9. Recognize, say, and write numbers to 20
10. Count by fives and tens
11. Understand more than, less than, and equal to
12. Addition, subtraction, and basic math problem solving with manipulative sets
13. Identify and count coins
14. Recognize where the big hand and little hand are on an analog clock and tell time to the hour
15. Say the days of the week and the months of the year
16. Facts about the seasons and holidays
17. Characteristics of some plants and animals
18. Parts of the body and the five senses

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