Thursday, February 21, 2008

UIC Nursing Board Passers Dec. 2007

Congratulations to the newly Registered Nurses of the University of the Immaculate Conception who graduated last March 2007 and took last December 2007 board examination. Out of the 97 who took the exam 37 successfully passed or 37% rating. To those who did not make it, find your luck next time.

The following are the newly Registred Nurses:
1. Aquino, Paola Michelle
2. Basingan, Romeo Jr.
3. Buensalida, Jessa Iria
4. Cabonita, Queenie Jade
5. Cabusao, Joanne
6. Calixton, Francis Jade
7. Camacho, Fitz Gerald
8. Capacio, Jefferson
9. Casona, Romfel Allan
10. Castillon, Jennyfer
11. Castillon, Joviely
12. Cencia, John Carlo
13. Ceniza, John Carlo
14. Cravajal, Carll Ervin
15. Dacuycuy, Mary Joy
16. Dingal, Glenn
17. Flores, Lavinia
18. Galicia, NiƱa Jane
19. Gallego, Louie
20. Gulfan, Faye Genevieve
21. Guyano, Milanie
22. Kinoc, Farley Blanche
23. Lacea, James Angelo
24. Magdaluyo, Aileen Fe
25. Mancera, Jessa
26. Medel, Bryan James
27. Melendres, Abegail
28. Menang, Sarah
29. Pendon, Ana Lee
30. Poderanan, Michelle Frances
31. Salveron, Rodney
32. Terse, Maureen
33. Vicente, Juvenile Mae

Note: (4 other passers are still verified as they were from the previous batch)

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