Friday, February 22, 2008

How to Get Your Teen into College

Getting into College - Steps to Take

Step 1: Make the DecisionWhile the ultimate decision to attend college belongs to your teenager, your role plays a huge part in whether or not this is the path he will take. As a parent, you guide your teenager through his childhood into his adulthood making suggestions and helping with decisions along the way. If you want your teen to go to college, chances are he’s going to college.

Step 2: Taking the Right Courses for CollegeIt is very important for your teenager to be taking the right courses in high school.
He will need four years of math, science, history and English. He will also need to take a 2nd language class for 2 or 3 years – depending on the college he wishes to attend. You’ll need to work with your teenager’s high school to be sure he is getting all of the right courses offered to him for college preparation.
Your teen should also take a look at extracurricular activities such as a membership in a community organization, getting involved in sports and/or being involved in a student club. These are all things colleges will look for on the application.

Step 3: Making the GradeEducation needs to be a priority in your teen’s life. Colleges pay very close attention not only to your teen’s grades in school, but also to the attitude your teenager has about school. Promoting a positive school experience in high school benefits your teen. They will have a great attitude about learning and it will show through on their college application and in the college interview. So remember, while good grades help, an A+ attitude toward learning will get your teen into the college of his choice.

Step 4: Choose Which Colleges to ApplyNever apply to just one college; you’ll be wasting your teen’s time. Be sure to apply to at least two if not more. This will give your teen not only a back up plan should he not get into the first college of his choice, but it will also give him some wiggle room should he change his mind about where he wants to attend.

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