Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Battle of the East and West- Pacquiao Vs. Hatton

Boxing Analysts have different predictions for this biggest fight of the year in the field of boxing. This is the battle of the East and West. Some said that Pacquiao will end the fight in 5-6 rounds by TKO others predicted that Hatton will win.
As for me I still believe in the winning strength of Pacquiao. So I expect for a great win of the "Pambansang Kamao".
May 2 is the final judgment of the two great boxers of the world. Who gonna win its up to them.

How about you? What is your prediction? Who will win for this fight?


Proactive Pro said...

Hoooraay! Pacquiao won! Hatton is no match for Pacquiao's speed, technique and intelligent fighting.

rosey said...

yes no one can bet pacquiao. thanks for the comment.