Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tips for Managing Stress

Are you feeling stress about work, problems, relationships or anything? How you handle it? Are you seeking advice from other people or just leave it to yourself? Below are the tips on how to manage stress and how to deal with them.

- TALK TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS: It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. There are people who care and are available to listen when you need to talk. They may even be able to offer some help. If they do offer their help “ just say YES”

- REDUCE CHEMICAL STRESS: Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and sugar can all raise energy on a short term level but in the long run they will just make things worse. Limit their use especially at bedtime so you don’t interfere with normal sleep.

- PUT THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE: Ask yourself if an issue is really worth the emotional and physical energy. It is costing you and does it really matter in the long run? Prioritize the problems you need to deal with and tackle the most important ones first. Give yourself permission to let go of things that you cannot get done.

- USE EXERCISE TO REDUCE STRESS AND IMPROVE HEALTH: Physical exercise is one of the most effective stress-busters. It relaxes tense muscles and improves sleep. Remember though, keep it fun – do things that you enjoy but don’t forget to check with your doctor before you start a new exercise program.

- REMOVE STRESS FROM YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Poor air quality, bad lighting and noise can really increase stress. To improve air quality, ban smoking from the areas you control, open windows for fresh air, and use plants to provide moisture. Avoid fluorescent lighting and use a full spectrum lights whenever possible. If noise is an issue, find a quiet space to work or read. If that’s not possible consider headphones with relaxing background music or earplugs.

- MANAGE YOUR TIME TO MANAGE YOUR STRESS: Use your time in the most effective and productive way possible. Prepare lunches and meals in advance to cut need on or before and after work stress. Plan projects so you have the things you need before you start. Planning ahead gives you more control of your life and reduces stress.

- IMPROVE YOUR ATTITUDE: If you have a negative attitude you may create problems out of opportunities and cause stress by alienating or irritating other people. Minor problems can seem huge and overwhelming. Look for the “silver lining” when faces with tough situations or mistakes. Remember you have control over your attitude towards life and how you let events affect you.

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