Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baon Tips

It's back to school again and children are now excited to go to school to see their friends and classmates. They are excited because they have new pair of dresses, shoes, bags and things for school. Above all they are happy to go to school because they will have delicious baons prepared by their parents. Below are simple tips in preparing baons for the kids.

* Always include fresh juice in your child's baon pack. Juices are healthier than sodas and, according to recent studies, will not contribute to childhood obesity. Or if there is no available fresh juices just plain water especially for children suffering from tonsillitis.
• Try to incorporate greens and vegetables in your child's snacks and lunch. Children don’t like veggies but they can eat these greens without fussing by using veggies in sandwich fillings and spreads.
• Don’t give candy. Candy and chocolate bars provide "hollow" nutrition as they are only full of sugar without the nutrients children need. Try to give your kids fruits and fruit salads instead.
• Don’t give your kids huge servings for their baon. They won't finish it and will just to go to waste. Another idea is to slice sandwiches into halves and wrap them separately.
• Provide variety. They will surely get bored with same kind of baon. Try new recipes and sandwiches that will appeal to their taste.

* Don’t include junk foods in their baon. They can’t get any nutrients from it.

Always remember correct preparations of food means good health for your child.

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