Saturday, September 19, 2009

Building a Lifetime Relationship

This are not steps for lovemaking but a guide on how to build a lasting relationship that is for a lifetime. You should not involve yourself in a relationship just for the sake of satisfaction- in terms of material things. Person is making used of the other person just for personal intentions but actually he/she not interested of the person. The following are just one of the tips on building a lifetime relationship.

1. Honesty. Both partners should be truthful to each other. It’s hard to trust another person if you have discovered him/her to be lying. They said the truth will sets you free. So be what you are, uncover yourself from the mask that you are wearing and show the real you.

2. Listening. It is one of the important aspects of communication. God give us two ears and one mouth which means we should listen twice as much as we talk. This is to allow us to know and understand what is going around us.

3. Quality Time. You should look for opportunities to spend time together. Enjoy every moment that youre together.

4. Compromise. In a relationship, it can’t be avoided that there are some disagreement. Look at booth sides and find common areas where you can compromise.

5. Helping each other. Both partners should help each other to accomplish individual task, this is to allow more time together.

6. Allow God to be the center in your relationship.


burn078 said...

I like the term that you use..! I remember the day...:) Anyways, you gave a very nice tips. Good job!

It's me Tey! said...

Very well said! Its really hard to build a long lasting relationship but with love, respect, open communication everything will fall into right places... and of course God should always be the center of every relationship...