Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Seminar on Quality Customer Service and Why Listen

It ends well and successful! This is my personal evaluation of the two days seminar we have last September 5 and 12, 2009 held in the audio visual room of UIC main campus. Though it was just about 3 hour’s seminar but it gave me the opportunity to reflect - am I doing the right way?
The first day topic was about "Quality Customer Service". Being the front liner of the institution it is our duty to give the best services to our clients who are the students, parents and visitors. Because of them we exist. But sometimes in a day to day activities and routinely works it cannot be avoided that we encountered a harsh clients that resulted to misunderstanding and conflicts. So, this seminar served as a re-awakening and opening of new ideas, that we need to control our emotions in order to create and peaceful environment not only to the clients but to the co-workers also.
On the second day, the topic was "Why Listen? Why is there a need for listening? Even in our own families we need to listen to each member because we never understand each other if we will not listen to them. There must be a give and take situation- the speaker and a listener in order to received the message clearly and act on it correctly.
We are so thankful to our resource speaker in the person of Mr. Rene Lizada who gave his best and impart his knowledge and experiences about the topic.

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