Sunday, July 25, 2010

Foods Against Cold and Flu

Are you protected against cold and flu? Even if you’ve had a flu shot, you need to wash your hands regularly and take vitamin C for an extra insurance and assurance of your health. Remember that what you eat may help prevent or treat those common illnesses. Try these delicious ideas. They taste great and may just make you feel better, too.

1. Chicken soup has to be at the top of the list. Hot chicken soup helps clear clogged airways, and the nourishing broth will give you more energy. Add plenty of vegetables, including onion and garlic, for extra healing power.
2. Hot and spicy food. Garlic, hot peppers or hot sauce helps to break up congestion. Cook ethnic foods that contain these ingredients, or simply ad hot sauce to foods for extra zip.
3. Garlic. This fragrant bulb seems to help reduce symptoms of cold and flu. Add garlic liberally to your favorite foods, or even chew a raw clove or two.
4. Fluids. Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids. Instead of coffee, soda, or sweetened beverages, drink plenty of water and pure fruit juices. Hot beverages work better for some people. Try tea, hot water mixed with lemon or hot lemonade.
5. Citrus fruits. Reach for fruits to increase your vitamin C intake. Drink orange juice for breakfast, snack on half a grapefruit, or add tangerine slices to a lunchtime salad Increased vitamin C is especially important if you smoke, as smoking increases both you risk of colds and your body’s needs for this protective vitamin.
6. Vitamin C sources. Citrus fruits aren’t the only foods high in vitamin C. Include potatoes, green peppers, strawberries and pineapple in your daily cold-fighting food arsenal.
7. Ginger. Many people find liberal use of fresh ginger root helps treat colds and flu. Try making ginger tea: Pour a cup of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger; let steep 5-10 minutes.
Remember that if our typical daily routine includes skipped meals, lots of caffeine for “energy” and a steady diet on high-fat, high-sugar junk foods, we’re setting ourselves up for illness. Make sure to eat plenty of whole grains, fruit, vegetables and low-fat protein to keep your immune system in top shape. Think of nutritious foods as part of your cold-and-flu season armor, and you’ll be ready to do battle whatever illness strike! So eat healthy foods in order to be healthy.

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