Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Man As Husband

Marriage brings status satisfaction to a man. He expects marriage to provide some of the feelings of importance that he craves. When a child enters the scene, a husband quickly learns that the attention he once had all to himself must now be divided. A new father must be sufficiently mature to recognize that when his wife shares her love with his child, she does not love him any less. Father and child are not in competition for a woman’s affections.
It is mostly felt by fathers but it becomes essential that husband and wife schedule occasions to be together without interference from a child. They must set aside time and money for leisure activities outside the home to rekindle the fires of romance that tend to get lost due greater responsibilities in the family. Select activities that appeal to both of you. Forget your problems and concentrate on each other.
Someone has said that the most important thing a man can do for his children is to love his wife. A good father is first and foremost a good husband, love your wife. Tell her that you cherish the way she looks and that she us as lovely as the day you married her. Express your love through small acts of compliments, appreciation of her devotion in the home, and thoughtful remembrances such as flowers, cards or a dinner out. Keep the sparks of affection glowing in your marriage. An attentive husband presents a proper picture of a man’s role to both sons and daughters. The male plays a strong role in holding a family together.

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