Friday, July 23, 2010

Study Tips to Remember

1. Read, Read and Read
Reading will increase your vocabulary and with the help of your pocket dictionary. Comprehend what you are reading. It will also help you write better essays and convenience during recitations. Find a suitable time and a quiet place for reading and studying. Limit your television hours. Instead of being a “couch potato” be a “book worm”. Use computers as a learning tool. Research materials from the internet cover a wider field and more comprehensive data.

2. During exams, don’t beat the deadline. but beat the exam!
Cramming is never a good idea. It can stress you out and you can’t absorb any of your lessons. Review your lessons daily or weekly. You must have your own study schedule. Some of you prefer to study at night, at dawn or at day. It depends upon your choice & preference. When in class, Take notes so you can review easily. Have a little marking pen. Highlighting the main points can get rid of the useless details. Use organizers or calendars to keep track your activities for the day. This will make your study habits more relaxed and systematic.
But do not push yourself too much. While studying, play some music or take a nap whenever feasible.

3. Group study
Sometimes, studying with friends can help you more. Giving pointers to each other can also explain things in better depth. Eating junk foods while studying is a BIG NO-NO! It pays to be healthy. Eat nutritious foods. Invest on your vitamins and other food supplements. Try eating fruits or drink fruit shakes and juices. It’s good for the skin too.

4. Motivate yourself
Know your goal. It is always an extra point to have a goal in life. Put your goal to a higher GPA. Isn’t it nice to see your parent’s smile when you show them your high grades? It’s one way of repaying their love to you and showing that you recognized their hard-earned money. After a hard work, reward yourself. Any incentive will do. Chocolates, going to the beach, shopping or have a fun day with your family. Make sure that it is really tempting enough to be good reward. So tempt yourself.

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