Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Woman As Wife

Although the mother’s role is important, the role of wife is in some ways even more important and more vital. The wife who confuses the order of things and puts her child before her husband will most probably have a husband who feels neglected, and an unsatisfied may grow to resent any child who seems to take first place in his wife’s life. Since this wife may now lack a companion and lover, she sometimes attempts to make a substitute husband out of her child. She may also communicate frustration and low regard for her husband to the child, which may even cause the child to develop disrespect or even hatred for the father.

Another basic fact a wife needs to understand is to accept her husband for what he us and not try to change him. Attempts to change a man usually end in nagging, which creates tension in the home. A wife needs to concentrate on her husband’s good qualities and express admiration and appreciation for his physical, mental and spiritual capabilities. Tell your husband how smart, handsome, trim and wonderful he looks to you. Be understanding of the heavy burdens he shoulders – the difficulties and hardships he faces in bearing the financial responsibilities for the family. Be his biggest moral booster, and make home fun to return to. It is almost impossible for a man to feel tenderly about a woman who is constantly criticizing him or suggesting that he must change.

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